Discipline ¶706

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  ¶  706. Nomination of Additional Board Members-1. Giving due consideration to inclusiveness (see ¶¶ 124, 138), each jurisdiction shall designate one clergy, one laywoman, and one layman whom it has elected to a general program agency or to the Connectional Table to nominate the additional members of that program agency or council (¶ 705.5). The fifteen members thus designated by the five jurisdictions in each general program agency and in the Connectional Table shall constitute a committee to nominate additional members for that agency and shall be convened as provided in ¶ 706.2. The number of additional members shall be allocated by the secretary of the General Conference so as to insure to the extent possible that membership of the program agency or council reflects the proportionate membership of the jurisdictions based upon the combined clergy and lay membership. In so far as possible, the nominating committee shall select from the jurisdictional nominating pool for the election of persons to fill the additional membership positions from their jurisdictions insuring diversity as otherwise provided in The Book of Discipline (¶ 705.5b) This petition shall become effective upon passage by the General Conference.
2. A bishop designated by the president of the Council of Bishops shall convene the committee as soon as practical after jurisdictional elections have been completed. The committee shall, in so far as possible, use the names forwarded to it by the jurisdictions as having been nominated by the annual and missionary conferences in the United States and Puerto Rico to their jurisdictional pool as well
as names from caucuses and other appropriate groups. To aid the committee, biographical data submitted by the annual conferences
(¶ 705.1d) shall be made available from the jurisdictional conference secretaries. In addition, general agencies shall submit to the committee names and biographical data of persons eligible for reelection who are willing to serve. The provisions of the paragraph shall become effective immediately upon adjournment of the General Conference.
3. The committee shall complete its work prior to the organizational meeting (¶ 707) of any of the agencies listed in ¶ 703.5 and report by mail to the previously elected members of each of those agencies the names of persons nominated as additional members of that agency. All members shall be elected and seated before an agency proceeds to the election of officers or any other business.