Discipline ¶664

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  ¶ 664. Each district of an annual conference may organize a district board of laity or alternative structure.
1. The purpose of the district board of laity shall be:
    a) To foster an awareness of the role of laity both within the local congregation and through their ministries in the home, workplace, community, and world in achieving the mission of the Church.
    b) To work with the district lay leader in: (1) developing and promoting an increased role for laity in the life of the local church,
(2) increasing the participation of laity in the sessions and programs of the district and local churches in cooperation with the district superintendent and pastors, and (3) encouraging laypersons to participate in the general ministry of the Church in the world. (See ¶ 656.)
c) To develop and promote stewardship of time, talent, and possessions within the district in cooperation with the district council on ministries.
  2. The membership of the board shall include the district lay leader, associate district lay leader(s), district director of Lay Speaking Ministries, and may include the district superintendent, district president of United Methodist Women, district president of United Methodist Men, district president of United Methodist Youth, district president of United Methodist Young Adults, and, where organized, the district president of the Older Adult Council, and others as deemed necessary. Special attention shall be given to the inclusion of women, men, youth, young adults, and older adults; people with disabilities; and racial and ethnic group persons.
3. The district lay leader shall chair the board. Other officers shall be elected as the board shall deem necessary.
4. The board shall relate to the lay speaking program and to the organized groups in the district such as the United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Youth, and United Methodist Young Adults and shall support their work and help them coordinate their activities.