Discipline ¶637

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  ¶ 637. Episcopal Residence Committee-1. The provision of housing for effective bishops in the jurisdictional conferences shall be the responsibility of the annual conference or conferences comprising the episcopal area to which the bishop is assigned.
  2. In each episcopal area in the jurisdictional conferences there shall be an episcopal residence committee or other structure to provide for this function and maintain the connectional relationship. The committee shall be composed of the following persons:
    a) The chairperson or designate of the conference committee on episcopacy from each conference.
b) The president or designate of the conference council on finance and administration from each annual conference.
c) The president or designate of the conference board of trustees from each annual conference.
d) Consultants without vote, with specific expertise related to the tasks of the committee, may be utilized.
  3. The chairperson of the episcopal residence committee shall be the representative of the committee on episcopacy of the annual conference in which the episcopal residence is currently located.
4. It shall be the responsibility of the episcopal residence committee:
    a) To make recommendations to the annual conference(s) regarding the purchase, sale, or rental of an episcopal residence.
b) To prepare an annual budget covering the cost of providing the episcopal residence, which may also include utilities, insurance, and normal costs of upkeep in maintaining the residence.
c) To forward the proposed budget to each conference council on finance and administration, including a recommendation for the proportionate share of the proposed budget to be borne by that annual conference, such proportionate share to be approved by each annual conference as it acts on budget recommendations (¶ 613).
d) To supervise the expenditure of funds allocated from all sources for expenses related to the provision of the episcopal residence and to account for such expenditures annually to each annual conference in the episcopal area.
e) To give oversight in all matters related to upkeep, maintenance, improvements, and appropriate insurance coverages for the episcopal residence.
  5. Titles to properties held as episcopal residences shall be held in accordance with ¶ 2514.