Discipline ¶635

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  ¶ 635. Conference Administrative Review Committee-There will be an administrative review committee composed of three clergy in full connection and two alternates who are not members of the cabinet, the board of ordained ministry or immediate family members of the above. The committee shall be nominated by the bishop and elected quadrennially by the clergy session of members in full connection with the annual conference. Its only purpose shall be to ensure that the disciplinary procedures for involuntary leave of absence (¶ 354.1b), involuntary retirement (¶ 359.3), or administrative location (¶ 362.3c) are properly followed. The entire administrative process leading to the action for change in conference relationship shall be reviewed by the administrative review committee, and it shall report its findings to the clergy session of members in full connection with the annual conference prior to any action of the annual conference. The administrative review committee shall notify the parties of the review of the process. The administrative fair process hearing procedures (¶ 362.2) should be followed by the administrative review committee. Prior to its report, if the committee determines that any error has occurred, it may recommend to the appropriate person or body that action be taken promptly to remedy the error, decide the error is harmless, or take other action.82
82. See Judicial Council Decision 921.