Discipline ¶608

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608. It is recommended that each annual conference or episcopal area have a director of communications to focus and guide the communications ministry of The United Methodist Church within the annual conferences.
    a) It is recommended that the director have the following primary responsibilities:
    (1) To help identify, equip, and coordinate the work of a communications team (staff and/or volunteer);
(2) To develop and guide the implementation of strategies for effective communication among annual conference agencies, districts, and local churches;
(3) To promote and coordinate activities to enhance the awareness and reputation of the Church;
(4) To help guide the strategy to interpret the conference budget and other benevolences;
(5) To provide guidance and training in effective communications for annual conference, district, and/or local church leaders;
(6) To lead the conference in developing effective relationships with the news media within the annual conference;
(7) To guide conference leaders in developing and implementing an effective communication strategy under the connectional ministry;
(8) To lead the conference in using new and emerging technologies as tools for ministry;
(9) To provide the connectional relationship between the conference and United Methodist Communications.
  b) It is recommended that the director be a part of the extended cabinet (or equivalent leadership structure) to provide advice and counsel concerning communications strategies relating to the conference program, conference budget interpretation, and other matters as the cabinet and director may determine.