Discipline ¶603

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  ¶  603. Organization-1. Annual conferences may become severally bodies corporate, whenever practicable, under the law of the countries, states, and territories within whose bounds they are located.34
2. The bishops shall appoint the times for holding the annual conferences.
3. The annual conference or a committee thereof shall select the place for holding the conference, but should it become necessary for any reason to change the place of meeting, a majority of the district superintendents, with the consent of the bishop in charge, may change the place.
4. The annual conference sessions shall be held in places that are accessible to people with disabilities.
5. A special session of the annual conference may be held at such time and in such place as shall have been determined by the annual conference after consultation with the bishop, or by the bishop with the concurrence of three-fourths of the district superintendents. A special session of the annual conference shall have only such powers as are stated in the call.35
6. The bishop assigned shall preside over the annual conference or, in case of inability, shall arrange for another bishop to preside. In the absence of a bishop, the conference shall by ballot, without nomination or debate, elect a president pro tempore from among the traveling elders. The president thus elected shall discharge all the duties of a bishop except ordination.36
7. The annual conference at the first session following the General Conference or jurisdictional or central conferences (or, if it may desire, at the last session preceding the general, jurisdictional, or central conferences) shall elect a secretary and statistician to serve for the succeeding quadrennium. In the case of a vacancy in either office in the interim of the sessions, the bishop, after consultation with the district superintendents, shall appoint a person to act until the next session of the annual conference. (See ¶ 618 for election of the treasurer.)
8. The annual conference may designate as chancellor and associate chancellors one or more persons who are members in good standing of a local church or an annual conference in the episcopal area, and who are members of an appropriate bar of a state in the episcopal area. Each chancellor and associate chancellor shall be nominated by the bishop and elected by the annual conference. The chancellors, assisted by the associate chancellors shall serve as legal adviser to the bishop and the annual conference. The annual conference may have more than one chancellor.
9. a) The conference lay leader is the elected leader of conference laity and is an officer of the annual conference. The conference lay leader shall be a professing member of a local church in the annual conference. The conference lay leader shall participate in annual conference sessions as a partner in ministry with the Bishop.
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