Discipline ¶419

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Section VI. Specific Responsibilities of District Superintendents
  ¶ 419. The district superintendent shall oversee the total ministry of the clergy and of the churches in the communities of the district in their missions of witness and service in the world: (a) by giving priority to the scheduling of time and effort for spiritual leadership, pastoral support, supervision, and encouragement to the clergy and to the churches of the district; (b) by encouraging their personal, spiritual, and professional growth; (c) by encouraging their personal commitment to the mandate of inclusiveness in the life of the church; (d) by nominating persons to serve as guides for the ministry inquiring process; (e) by nominating clergy in full connection to serve in the ministry of mentoring candidates, commissioned ministers, local pastors and other probationary members; (f) by participating with the bishops in the appointment-making process; (g) by assigning persons such as certified lay ministers to churches who do not have appointed clergy; (h) by enabling programs throughout the district that may assist local churches to build and extend their ministry and mission with their people and to the community; (i) by working in cooperation with appropriate district and annual conference agencies to explore long-range, experimental, ecumenical, multicultural, multiracial, and cooperative ministries; (j) to provide representation and leadership in the district in the quest for Christian unity in ministry and mission, encouraging local congregations in the development of an understanding and relationship with other living faith communities and in working with ecumenical agencies and coalitions in the sharing of resources, and, where appropriate, serving as an ecumenical liaison with other living faith communities; (k) by assisting the bishop in the administration of the annual conference. In the fulfillment of this ministry, the superintendent shall consult at least annually (¶ 666.3) with the committee on district superintendency. In the context of these basic responsibilities, the district superintendent shall give attention to the following specific tasks.16
16. See Judicial Council Decision 398.