Discipline ¶416

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  ¶  416. Working with Ordained, Licensed, Consecrated, and Commissioned Personnel-1. To make and fix the appointments in the annual conferences, provisional annual conferences, and missions as the Discipline may direct (¶¶ 430-434).
2. To divide or to unite a circuit(s), station(s), or mission(s) as judged necessary for missional strategy and then to make appropriate appointments.
3. To announce the appointments of deaconesses, diaconal ministers, home missionaries, and laypersons in service under the General Board of Global Ministries.
4. To fix the charge conference membership of all ordained ministers appointed to ministries other than the local church in keeping with ¶ 344.
5. To transfer, upon the request of the receiving bishop, clergy member(s) of one annual conference to another; provided said member(s) agrees to said transfer; and to send immediately to the secretaries of both conferences involved, to the conference boards of ordained ministry, and to the clearing house of the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, written notices of the transfer of members and of their standing in the Course of Study if they are undergraduates.14
6. To appoint associate members, probationary members, or full members to attend any school, college, or theological seminary listed by the University Senate, or to participate in a program of Clinical Pastoral Education in a setting accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Such appointments are not to be considered as extension ministry appointments.
  7. To keep and maintain appropriate supervisory records on all district superintendents and other records on ministerial personnel as determined by the bishop or required by the Discipline or action of the annual conference. When a district superintendent is no longer appointed to the cabinet, the bishop shall give that person’s supervisory file to the superintendent of record. Supervisory records shall be kept under guidelines approved by the General Council on Finance and Administration. The supervisory records maintained by the bishop are not the personnel records of the annual conference.
14. See Judicial Council Decisions 114, 254, 554.