Discipline ¶368

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Section XVII. General Provisions
  ¶ 368. 1. The annual conference is the basic body of The United Methodist Church. The clergy membership of an annual conference shall consist of deacons and elders in full connection (¶¶ 329, 333), probationary members (¶ 327), associate members, affiliate members (¶¶ 344.4, 586.4), and local pastors under full-time and part-time appointment to a pastoral charge (¶ 317). All clergy are amenable to the annual conference in the performance of their duties in the positions to which they are appointed.80
2. Both men and women are included in all provisions of the Discipline that refer to the ordained ministry.81
3. In all cases where district committees on ordained ministry, boards of ordained ministry, or clergy in executive session vote on granting any status regarding license, ordination, or conference membership, it is understood that the requirements set forth herein are minimum requirements only. Each person voting is expected to vote prayerfully based on his or her personal judgment of the applicant’s gifts, evidence of God’s grace, and promise of future usefulness for the mission of the Church.
4. All clergy members mentioned in ¶ 368.1 shall receive written communication about decisions made regarding their relationship with the annual conference.
5. There shall be an annual meeting of this covenant body, in executive session of clergy members in full connection with the annual conference, including both deacons and elders, at the site of the regular session of the annual conference, or at an alternative time and location determined by the bishop after consultation with the cabinet and the executive committee of the board of ordained ministry, to consider questions relating to matters of ordination, character, and conference relations (¶¶ 605.6, 635.2).
6. A special session of the annual conference may be held at such time and at such place as the bishop shall determine, after consultation with the cabinet and the executive committee of the board of ordained ministry. A special clergy session shall have only such powers as stated in the call.
80. See Judicial Council Decisions 327, 371.
81. See Judicial Council Decisions 317, 155.