Discipline ¶350

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Section XIII. Evaluation for Continuing Formation for Full
Members and Local Pastors
  ¶ 350. Evaluation-Evaluation is a continuous process for formation in servant ministry and servant leadership that must take place in a spirit of understanding and acceptance. Evaluation serves as a process for pastors to assess their effectiveness in ministry and to discern God’s call to continue in ordained ministry.
  1. The district superintendent, in consultation with the pastor-parish relations committee, will evaluate annually the pastors’ effectiveness for ministry (¶¶ 334.2c, 421, 634.2n, q), using criteria, processes, and training developed by the cabinet and the board of ordained ministry. The pastors in local churches shall participate annually in an evaluation with the committee on pastor-parish relations for use in an ongoing effective ministry and for identifying continuing education needs and plans (¶ 259.2g[5]), using criteria, processes, and training developed by the board of ordained ministry and the cabinet.
  2. Clergy serving in appointments to extension ministries will undergo annual evaluation by their immediate supervisors, engage in annual self-evaluation, and include copies of these evaluations in the annual report submitted to their bishop, district superintendent, and the board of ordained ministry (¶ 344.2a). When possible, they shall have a conversation with their district superintendent about their ministry.