Discipline ¶337

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Section IX. Appointments to Various Ministries
  ¶ 337. General Provisions-1. All elders in full connection who are in good standing in an annual conference shall be continued under appointment by the bishop unless they are granted a sabbatical leave,  an incapacity leave (¶ 358), family leave, a leave of absence, retirement, or have failed to meet the requirements for continued eligibility (¶ 334.2), provided that if the elder is appointed to serve in an affiliated relationship in a missionary conference (¶586.4.b) and that appointment is terminated by the bishop who presides in the missionary conference, then the responsibility for meeting this obligation rests with the bishop of the conference of which the elder is a member.19
2. In addition to the ordained elders, persons who have been granted a license as local pastors and who have been approved by vote of the clergy members in full connection may be appointed as pastors in charge under certain conditions, which are specified in ¶¶ 315-318. All clergy members and licensed local pastors to be appointed shall assume a lifestyle consistent with Christian teaching as set forth in the Social Principles.

19. See Judicial Council Decisions 380, 462, 492, 524, 702, 985.