Discipline ¶323

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  ¶ 323. Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members-Each annual conference may organize a Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members. All licensed local pastors and associate members may be members of and participate in the Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide mutual support for its members for the sake of the life and mission of the church.
1. The specific and limited function is to:
    a) provide for regular gatherings of local pastors and associate members for continuing formation in relationship to Jesus Christ through such experiences as Bible study, study of issues facing the church and society, and theological exploration in vocational identity and leadership;
b) encourage local pastors in continued study beyond the Course of Study;
c) develop a bond of unity and common commitment to the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church and the annual conference; and
d) enable the creation of relationships that allow mutual support and trust.
  2. The bishop will convene the fellowship and the board of ordained ministry shall coordinate its life and work. Necessary financial support shall be provided by the annual conference through the budget of the board. The Fellowship will elect a chairperson from its membership who, with the guidance and support of the board of ordained ministry, will provide leadership for the Fellowship. Activity of the Fellowship will be reported regularly to the Board of Ordained Ministry.