Discipline ¶319

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  ¶  319. Continuance as a Local Pastor-1. Persons licensed as local pastors who are not probationary members shall continue in college, in a program of theological education at an approved seminary, or in the Course of Study.
2. Upon completing each year’s education and other qualifications, a local pastor who is not a probationary member may be recommended for continuance by the district committee on ordained ministry. The clergy members in full connection of the annual conference may approve continuance of a local pastor after reference to and recommendation by its board of ordained ministry.
3. A full-time local pastor shall complete the Course of Study curriculum within eight years and a part-time local pastor within twelve, unless a family situation or other circumstance precludes the local pastor’s opportunity to meet said requirements. The local pastor may be granted an annual extension beyond the prescribed limit upon a three-fourths vote of the district committee on ordained ministry, recommendation by the conference board of ordained ministry, and the vote of the clergy members in full connection.7
4. A local pastor may choose to remain in a local relationship with the annual conference upon having completed the five-year Course of Study.
5. None of the provisions in this legislation shall be interpreted to change or limit authorizations to local pastors ordained as deacon and elder prior to 1996.8
7. See Judicial Council Decisions 436, 439.
8. See Judicial Council Decisions 436, 439.