Discipline ¶316

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  ¶  316. Responsibilities  and Duties of Those Licensed for Pastoral Ministry-1. Probationary members approved annually by the board of ordained ministry and local pastors approved annually by the district committee on ordained ministry may be licensed by the bishop to perform all the duties of a pastor (¶ 340), including the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion as well as the service of marriage (where state laws allow),4  burial, confirmation, and membership reception, while appointed to a particular charge. For the purposes of these paragraphs the charge will be defined as “people within or related to the community being served.” Those licensed for pastoral ministry may be appointed to extension ministry settings when approved by the bishop and the board of ordained ministry.
2. Such authorization granted by the license may be renewed annually by the district committee or the board of ordained ministry.
3. The license shall remain valid only so long as the appointment continues and shall be recertified by the bishop when assignments change between sessions of the annual conference.5
4. A local pastor shall be under the supervision of a district superintendent and a pastoral mentor who shall supervise the local pastor’s work in the Course of Study for ordained ministry and give counsel on matters of pastoral responsibility ( ¶¶ 340, 323).
5. Local pastors shall be amenable to the clergy session of the annual conference in the performance of their pastoral duties and shall attend the sessions of the annual conference.
6. The membership of local pastors under full-time and part-time appointment is in the annual conference where they shall have the right to vote on all matters except constitutional amendments, election of delegates to general, jurisdictional, or central conferences, and matters of ordination, character, and conference relations of clergy.
7. All local pastors shall receive written communication about decisions made regarding their relationship with the annual conference
8. Local pastors who have completed the Course of Study may upon retirement annually request from the District Committee of Ordained Ministry and the Bishop a license to continue to serve in the local church where they hold membership for the purpose of providing sacramental rites of baptism and Holy Communion, at the request of the appointed pastor.
4. See Judicial Council Decision 694.
5. See Judicial Council Decision 112.