Discipline ¶312

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  ¶  312. Continuation of Candidacy-The progress of candidates shall be reviewed annually by the district committee on ordained ministry which shall interview the candidate annually and may then continue the candidacy when the following conditions have been met satisfactorily:  
1. The candidate has received the annual recommendation of his or her charge conference.
2. The candidate is making satisfactory progress in his or her studies. A candidate preparing for ordained ministry who is enrolled as a student in a school, college, university, or school of theology recognized by the University Senate shall present annually to the district committee on ordained ministry an official transcript from the school the person is attending.
The transcript shall be considered by the district committee on ordained ministry as part of the evidence of his or her progress.  
3. The candidate continues to evidence gifts, fruits and God’s grace for the work of ministry.  
A person who is a certified candidate or who is in the candidacy process may have her or his status or studies accepted by another district committee in the same or another annual conference.