Discipline ¶309

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  ¶  309. Membership in an Order-1. Persons shall become members of the Order of Deacons or Order of Elders following their election to full membership in the annual conference. Acceptance of the status of full membership will constitute a commitment to regular participation in the life of the Order.
2. Changing Orders-Upon recommendation of the Board of Ordained Ministry and vote of the clergy members in full connection in an annual conference, elders may be received as deacons in full connection, and deacons in full connection may be received as elders, provided they are in good standing and have:
    a) informed the bishop and district superintendent of their intention,
b) applied in writing to the board of ordained ministry,
c) articulated their call to the ministry of the deacon or the elder,
d) completed all academic and other requirements for admission to the order for which they are applying, ¶ 324, ¶ 330, ¶ 335, and
e) completed at least two years under appointment while licensed for pastoral ministry or for a specialized ministry of the deacon.
  3. Such persons shall be ordained to the order for which they have been called and qualified, and shall surrender to the conference secretary the credentials of the order from which they are leaving.