Discipline ¶2717

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  ¶  2717. Appeal of a Lay Member
1. A lay member convicted by a trial court shall have the right of appeal and shall serve written notice of appeal with the pastor and the district superintendent within thirty days of conviction.
2. The district superintendent shall, on receipt of notice of appeal, give written notice to all concerned of the time and place of the convening of a committee on appeals not less than ten nor more than thirty days after such notice has been delivered.
3. The committee on appeals shall be constituted in the following manner: The district superintendent shall appoint eleven professing members of United Methodist churches within the annual conference other than the appellant’s local church, none of whom shall have been members of the trial court, and who hold office either as lay leader or lay member of the annual conference. At the convening of the committee on appeals, from seven to eleven of these shall be selected to serve on the committee. The counsel for the appellant and the counsel for the Church shall have the right to challenge for cause, and the decisions on the validity of such challenges shall be made by the presiding officer, who shall be the district superintendent.
4. The findings of the committee on appeals shall be certified by the district superintendent to the pastor of the church of which the accused is a member.