Discipline ¶257

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  ¶ 257. United Methodist Men-Each church or charge shall have an organized unit of United Methodist Men chartered and annually renewed through the General Commission on United Methodist Men. Other organized men’s ministry groups in a local United Methodist Church shall annually report to the charge conference and be resourced through the General Commission on United Methodist Men. All local church men’s organizations shall provide a dedicated ministry for building men spiritually and involving men in the total ministry of the Church (¶ 2302).
1. Local church resource material for supporting effective men’s ministries shall be provided by the district, conference, and jurisdictional organizations of United Methodist Men and the General Commission on United Methodist Men (¶ 2302).
2. United Methodist Men exists to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life. Men’s ministry leads to the spiritual growth of men and effective discipleship. This purpose is served as men are called to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ.
3. Individual and group strategies form the foundation of United Methodist Men ministry.  
    a) Enhance Evangelism, Mission, and Spiritual Life (EMS), as men become servant leaders.
b) Advocate programs that train men within local churches to promote specific ministries including prayer, missions, stewardship, and civic/youth serving ministries.
c) Forge pastoral partnerships by men committed to the effective support and service of clergy and local congregations.
d) Enhance organizational strength through effective leadership, resources, membership growth, and financial accountability.
e) Assist men in their ever-changing relationships, roles, and responsibilities in the family setting, workplace, and society.
    f) Understand the organization, doctrines, and beliefs of The United Methodist Church.
    g) Fulfill the membership vows through the commitment to prayer, presence, gifts, and service in congregational life.
h) Fulfill the Great Commission with and through The United Methodist Church as one part of the Body of Christ.
  4. Men seeking membership in a local unit of United Methodist Men will be asked to subscribe to the major strategies listed in § 3 above and to these personal objectives:
    a) To engage daily in Bible study and prayer.
b) To bear witness to Christ’s way in daily work and in all personal contacts through words and actions.
c) To engage in Christian service.
  5. United Methodist Men may be organized in one or more components within a local church as needed. Multiple local churches may also form a single unit of United Methodist Men according to their needs.
6. Membership shall be open to any man who indicates his desire to belong and to participate in the ministry of the church through United Methodist Men.
7. The appointed clergy of the local church or charge shall be ex officio member(s) of the unit and its executive committee
8. The organized unit of United Methodist Men shall secure funds for the fulfillment of its purpose. All funds from whatever source secured by the United Methodist Men’s unit belong to the organization and shall be disbursed only in accordance with its constitution and/or by-laws and by its order.  
    a) United Methodist Men’s unit may have their own bank accounts.
b) The UM Men’s unit shall have an annual financial audit.