Discipline ¶2542

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  ¶ 2542. Restriction on Proceeds of Mortgage or Sale8-1. No real property on which a church building or parsonage is located shall be mortgaged to provide for the current (or budget) expense of a local church, nor shall the principal proceeds of a sale of any such property be so used. This provision shall apply alike to unincorporated and incorporated local churches.9
2. A local church, whether or not incorporated, on complying with the provisions of the Discipline may mortgage its unencumbered real property as security for a loan to be made to a conference board of global ministries or a city or district missionary society; provided that the proceeds of such loan shall be used only for aiding in the construction of a new church.
3. Exception to this restriction may be granted in specifically designated instances to allow use of equity and/or accumulated assets from the sale of property to provide for congregational redevelopment efforts including program and staff. Such exception may be granted by the annual conference, the bishop, and the cabinet upon request of the local church in consultation with congregation development staff where applicable. A clear and detailed three-to-five-year redevelopment plan that projects a self-supporting ministry must accompany the request.
8. See Judicial Council Decision 688.
9. See Judicial Council Decision 399.