Discipline ¶2515

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  ¶ 2515. Sale, Transfer, Lease, Mortgage, or Purchase of Annual Conference Property-No annual conference property shall be sold, transferred, or leased for a term that exceeds twenty years, or mortgaged or purchased without the consent of the annual conference or, ad interim, (a) the consent of the presiding bishop and of a majority of the district superintendents, and, in the case of discontinued or abandoned local church property or property to be purchased, the consent of a majority of the district board of church location and building (see ¶ 2548); and (b) the bishop’s determination that such transfer or encumbrance conforms to the Discipline. The bishop’s written statement evidencing the satisfaction of this condition shall be affixed to or included in any instrument of transfer or encumbrance. Any required written instrument necessary to carry out the action so authorized shall be executed in the name of the conference corporation by any two of its officers or, where the conference is unincorporated, by any two officers of its board of trustees, and any written instrument so executed shall be binding and effective as the action of the conference.