Discipline ¶2303

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  ¶  2303. Membership-1. The commission shall consist of twenty-three (23) voting members as defined in ¶ 705.3 in the General Provisions and ¶ 535. Other paragraphs of the Discipline notwithstanding, members of the Commission holding membership by office or organization, may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.The membership shall be composed of:
    a) two bishops elected by the Council of Bishops;
b) the five (5) jurisdictional presidents of United Methodist Men;  
c) six members elected by the National Association of Conference Presidents of United Methodist Men, including the national president and five members at large (including at least two members of the commission from the previous quadrennium, for continuity) chosen for expertise and jurisdictional balance if possible;
d) one central conference representative selected by the Central Conference College of Bishops;
e) the president of the United Methodist Men Foundation;
f) the president of the National Association of United Methodist Scouters;
g) six members at large elected by the commission for inclusiveness, expertise, and balance, to include at least one young person under the age of 30;
(h) one representative from a men’s ministry from a Pan-Methodist church.
  This legislation shall take effect upon the adjournment of the 2004 General Conference.
2. Vacancies-Vacancies in the general commission membership shall be filled by procedures defined in ¶ 712 of the General Provisions.
3. Officers-The General Commission on United Methodist Men shall elect as its officers a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and other such officers as it shall deem necessary. In addition, the president of the National Association of Conference Presidents of United Methodist Men shall also be considered an officer.
4. Staff-The General Commission on United Methodist Men shall elect annually by ballot its general secretary, who shall provide executive, administrative, and programmatic leadership (¶ 713). The commission shall elect such other staff members as needs require within the General Conference mandates and the authority vested in the commission to develop policies and programs directed toward the realization of its purpose.
5. Meetings-The general commission shall meet annually, with such additional meetings as needs demand.
6. Funding-The General Council on Finance and Administration shall make provision for the necessary support of the work of the commission by providing World Service Funds to complement the direct revenue and contributions from United Methodist Men. This shall include meeting and related expenses for the central conference representative.