Discipline ¶15

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  ¶ 15. Article III.-The General Conference shall fix the ratio of representation in the General, jurisdictional, and central conferences from the annual conferences, missionary conferences,19  and the provisional annual conferences, computed on a two-factor basis: (1) the number of clergy members of the annual conference and the missionary conference,20  and (2) the number of professing21  members in the annual conference and the missionary conference;22 provided that each annual conference, missionary conference,23  or provisional annual conference shall be entitled to at least one clergy and one lay delegate in the General Conference and also in the jurisdictional or central conference.24
19. Amended 1976.
20. Amended 1976.
21. Amended 2000.
22. Amended 1976.
23. Amended 1976.
24. See Judicial Council Decision 403.