Discipline ¶1415

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  ¶  1415. Purposes and Objectives-1. To establish the criteria that must be met by schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools to achieve and retain listing as institutions affiliated with The United Methodist Church.
2. To support the development of institutions whose aims are to address and whose programs reflect significant educational, cultural, social, and human issues in a manner reflecting the values held in common by the institutions and the Church.
3. To provide an effective review process to ensure that schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools listed by the University Senate and qualifying for Church support have institutional integrity, well-structured programs, sound management, and clearly defined Church relationships.31
4. To establish effective annual reporting procedures that will provide the senate with the data necessary to complete its review of the institutional viability and program integrity of member institutions.
  5. At the conclusion of each General Conference a complete set of the Daily Christian Advocate for that General Conference shall be sent to each theological school approved by the University Senate.
31. See Judicial Council Decision 589.