Discipline ¶1319

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  ¶  1319. Authority-1. The Women’s Division shall have the authority to make its bylaws and to regulate its proceedings in harmony with the charter of the board, and with its approval, to develop and carry out the functions of the board as described in ¶ 1302; to buy and sell property; to solicit and accept contributions, subject to annuity under the board’s regulations; and to appropriate its funds.
2. The division shall meet annually at the time of the meeting of the board and at such other times as it shall deem necessary.
3. The Women’s Division shall include in its responsibilities:
    a) Those formerly carried by the Woman’s Society of Christian Service of The Methodist Church, and the Women’s Society of World Service of The Evangelical United Brethren Church, the Women’s Society of Christian Service of The United Methodist Church, and those other organizations of women of similar purposes that have operated in the churches forming the United Methodist tradition, including the Women’s Missionary Association of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ; the Woman’s Missionary Society of The Evangelical Church; the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society,
the Woman’s Home Missionary Society, the Wesleyan Service Guild, and the Ladies’ Aid Societies of The Methodist Episcopal Church; the Woman’s Missionary Society, the Woman’s Board of Foreign
Missions, the Woman’s Board of Home Missions, and the Woman’s Missionary Council of The Methodist Episcopal Church, South; and the Woman’s Convention of the Board of Missions of The Methodist Protestant Church. This list shall not be construed as exclusive.
b) All policy matters pertaining to the homes for retired workers owned by the Women’s Division.
  4. The Women’s Division shall have the authority:
    a) To organize jurisdictional, conference, district, and local church organizations of United Methodist Women, which shall be auxiliary to the General Board of Global Ministries, through the Women’s Division, of The United Methodist Church.
b) To recommend constitutions and make bylaws for United Methodist Women.
c) To appropriate funds received through United Methodist Women.
d) To serve as the national official policy-making body of United Methodist Women, with the officers of the Women’s Division designated as the national officers.