Discipline ¶1310

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  ¶  1310. Properties, Trusts, and Annuities-1. All properties, trust funds, annuity funds, permanent funds, and endowments now or formerly held and administered by the Board of Missions, the Board of Health and Welfare Ministries, and the United Methodist Committee on Relief of The United Methodist Church; the Board of Missions of The Methodist Church; the Board of Missions of The Evangelical United Brethren Church or their successors; and their respective divisions and departments or their successors shall be carefully safeguarded. The General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church shall endeavor to invest in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds that make a positive contribution toward the realization of the goals outlined in the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church and to administer such investments in the interest of those persons and causes for which said funds were established. Such properties, trust funds, annuity funds, permanent funds, and endowments shall be transferred to the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church from merged boards and societies only when such transfers can be made in accordance with the laws of the states where the several boards and societies are chartered and on the recommendation of the board and the approval of such boards and societies. Funds of the board and its preceding corporations and societies that are subject to appropriation shall be appropriated only on recommendation of the board. (See ¶ 806.11.)
2. Former Evangelical United Brethren mission agencies located within the United States not directly owned by the General Board of Global Ministries or the Women’s Division of the board and which receive more than 50 percent of their charitable donations through United Methodist channels of giving shall be governed by a board of trustees or directors of whom two-thirds of its elected voting membership shall be members of The United Methodist Church.
3. The financial affairs of the board shall be as follows:
    a) The income of the board, exclusive of the Women’s Division, shall be derived from apportionments, assessments, or askings distributed to jurisdictions, annual conferences, and pastoral charges by the budget-making process of the General Conference in such manner as the General Conference may prescribe, and from church schools, gifts, donations, freewill offerings, annuities, bequests, specials, and other sources from which missionary and benevolence funds are usually derived, in harmony with The Book of Discipline and actions of the General Conference. Funds for the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the Women’s Division shall be derived from annual voluntary pledges, offerings, gifts, devises, bequests, annuities, or money received through special emphases and from meetings held in the interest of the division.
b) Cultivation for the Advance shall be through channels of the Church other than United Methodist Women.
c) All contributions to and income on all funds of the board should be used for current expenses and annual appropriations unless otherwise designated by the donor.
  4. Askings shall be received from the fields, and budgets shall be prepared by the board, consistent with its constitution and charter, and the budget shall be presented to the Connectional Table in accordance with ¶ 806.