Discipline ¶1207

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  ¶ 1207. Membership-The membership of the Division on Ministries With Young People shall be inclusive with respect to gender, race/ethnicity, lay/clergy, and vocation.  
1. Membership shall be as follows:
    a) 22 youth-1 youth elected from each central conference (according to the age definition of each central conference); 2 youth from each jurisdiction elected by the jurisdictional youth convocation (¶ 531) who are 16 or younger at the time of appointment; 1 youth appointed by each racial/ethnic caucus who is 16 or younger at the time of appointment;  
b) 17 young adults-1 young adult elected from each central conference (according to the age definition of each central conference); 2 young adults from each jurisdiction (as follows): 1 young adult elected by the jurisdictional conference, and 1 undergraduate student from each jurisdiction elected at the United Methodist Student Movement’s Student Forum (¶ 1412.2.g). Jurisdictional and UMSM representatives shall be 28 or younger at the time of election, with attention given to the diverse audiences of young adults.
c) 8 adult workers with young people-1 adult from each central conference region (Africa, Asia, and Europe), appointed by the central conference nominating committee; 1 adult from each jurisdiction, elected by the jurisdictional conference;
d) Additional Members:
    (1) 5 members of the General Board of Discipleship (2 clergy,
2 lay, 1 bishop, one of whom serves on the Executive Committee);
(2) 2 members of the United Methodist Student Movement steering committee (¶ 1412.2.g);
(3) up to 5 additional members who, as determined by the General Board of Discipleship, may be nominated by the Division to ensure inclusiveness and expertise.
  2. Resource People-The Division shall be responsible for connecting and highlighting the work of general agencies and other United Methodist entities in youth and young-adult ministry. In order to effectively carry out that charge, one staff person (or board member when staff are not available) from the following entities shall be present (with voice but not vote) at meetings of the Division. These representatives shall attend at the expense of the sending agency and shall relate the priorities of the Division to their agency and serve as resource people to the Division:
    a) General Board of Church and Society
b) General Board of Discipleship
c) General Board of Global Ministries
d) General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
e) General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
f) General Commission on Religion and Race
g) General Commission on the Status and Role of Women
h) General Commission on United Methodist Men
i) General Council on Finance and Administration
j) Connectional Table
k) United Methodist Communications
l) United Methodist Publishing House
m) Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries