Discipline ¶1115

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  ¶ 1115. Stewardship Responsibilities-1. To interpret the biblical and theological basis for stewardship through programs, resources, and training materials for people of all ages consistent with the doctrines of The United Methodist Church.
2. To provide education, counsel, resourcing, and training for the local church stewardship ministry group chairperson, commission on stewardship, board of trustees, endowment and permanent fund committees, wills and estate planning committees, memorial committees, committee on finance, committee on finance chairperson, financial secretaries, and treasurers, and to develop program resources and training materials for use with and by the above-named persons and/or groups (see ¶ 807.17). Matters relating to procedures involving official records, forms, and reporting of finances shall be the responsibility of the General Council on Finance and Administration.
3. To create within The United Methodist Church a deepening commitment to personal and corporate Christian stewardship, which includes the use and sharing of talents and resources and the practice of a Christian lifestyle.
4. To develop strategies, provide resources, and implement actions that lead to a continuing improvement in the level of giving of United Methodists in providing adequate support for the mission of the Church.
5. To counsel in the area of stewardship and finance with jurisdictional and annual conference program agencies relative to their organizational structure and program responsibilities and assist them in their interpretation of program and resources.
6. To provide counsel, resources, and guidance to conference and area foundations as they fulfill their stewardship functions and to associations such as the National Association of United Methodist Foundations and the National Association of Stewardship Leaders.
7. To call together regularly United Methodist general agency leaders whose programs include the subject matter of stewardship to work toward common language, consistent stewardship theology, and cooperative efforts.