General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionSort AscendingTitleStatus
80077Longer Tenure CriteriaPlenary Voted
80079Review and Evaluation of Bishops in JurisdictionsPlenary Voted
80085Delayed Retirement of BishopsPlenary Voted
80119Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
80139Home MissionersPlenary Voted
80192MentorsPlenary Voted
80211Records of Discontinued ChurchesPlenary Voted
80234CorrectionPlenary Voted
80277Role of Bishops and District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80278Episcopal AppointmentPlenary Voted
80327Assignment of BishopsPlenary Voted
80328Associate Members and Local Pastors as MentorsPlenary Voted
80329Clergy Continuing EducationPlenary Voted
80330ClergyPlenary Voted
80331ClergyPlenary Voted
80332Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural AppointmentsPlenary Voted
80350VacancyPlenary Voted
80351LeadershipPlenary Voted
80352Responsibilities of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80353Criteria-PastorsPlenary Voted
80447Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
80458Access to Supervisory FilePlenary Voted
80459Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80468Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80483Term Limit for BishopsPlenary Voted
80498Define Written Question of LawPlenary Voted
80804Sacraments for AllPlenary Voted
80844Guidance of Our BishopsPlenary Voted
80872District Superintendent ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
80907Criteria for BishopPlenary Voted
80908Ease WorkloadPlenary Voted
80929Primary TaskPlenary Voted
80930DeletionPlenary Voted
80933Accountability of BishopsPlenary Voted
80935AccountabilityPlenary Voted
80941SupervisionPlenary Voted
80945Supervisory FilesPlenary Voted
80946Supervisory FilesPlenary Voted
80951Selection of SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80964DeletionPlenary Voted
80992Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
80993Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
81057Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
81090Tenure for BishopsPlenary Voted
81170Extend DS TermPlenary Voted
81184Specific Responsibilities of BishopsPlenary Voted
81201MentorsPlenary Voted
81234Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
81259Episcopal SupervisionPlenary Voted
81282Home AreasPlenary Voted
81283Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
81284CommunicationPlenary Voted
81285AppointmentsPlenary Voted
81363Episcopal Term LimitsPlenary Voted
81368Formula for Number of BishopsPlenary Voted
81409Term Limits for BishopsPlenary Voted
81410Bishops Not ReelectedPlenary Voted
81412Authority of BishopsPlenary Voted
81428Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
81432Episcopal AreasPlenary Voted
81433Retirement of BishopsPlenary Voted
81434Vocational RetirementPlenary Voted
81435Assignments in RetirementPlenary Voted
81436Review and Evaluation of BishopsPlenary Voted
81476AppointmentsPlenary Voted
81490ClarificationPlenary Voted
81491ClarificationPlenary Voted
81492ClarificationPlenary Voted
81493ClarificationPlenary Voted
81494ClarificationPlenary Voted