General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
80109Advance Clergy BallotPlenary Voted
80074Affiliated InstitutionsPlenary Voted
80131Africa UniversityPlenary Voted
81195Age-Based ExceptionsPlenary Voted
80172All Clergy Members VotePlenary Voted
81277All MattersPlenary Voted
81243Alternate NamePlenary Voted
80092Annual Conference Role in University Senate ReviewPlenary Voted
80919Appeals by ARCPlenary Voted
81164Appointed Beyond Home ConferencePlenary Voted
80315Appointment of DeaconsPlenary Voted
81242Appointment of Retired Local PastorPlenary Voted
80186Associate EldersPlenary Voted
80303Associate Member LicensePlenary Voted
80008Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
80193Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
80016Associate MembershipPlenary Voted
80182Authority of Licensed ClergyPlenary Voted
80880Board ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81548Campus Ministry BoardsPlenary Voted
81212Campus Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
81211CandidacyPlenary Voted
81215CandidacyPlenary Voted
80301Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
80300Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
80204Certified Lay MinisterPlenary Voted
80170Certified Lay Minister and SacramentsPlenary Voted
81084Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
81101Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
80322Changes in Conference RelationshipPlenary Voted
80299Changing Membership in an OrderPlenary Voted
80471Christian EducationPlenary Voted
81208ClarificationPlenary Voted
80136Clarification of RitualPlenary Voted
80004Clarify the Status of Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80180Clergy DelegatesPlenary Voted
80078Clergy EvaluationPlenary Voted
80320Clergy in Other Annual ConferencesPlenary Voted
80791Clergy Member Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80233Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
80221Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
80873Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
80184Constitutional Amendment Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80188Constitutional Amendment Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80883ConstructionPlenary Voted
80462Consultation Prior to TerminationPlenary Voted
80887Contact InformationPlenary Voted
81502Continuation of Study of Ministry CommissionPlenary Voted
80486Course of Study CompletionPlenary Voted
80006Create a Class of Clergy Called Commissioned Local PastorPlenary Voted
80138CredentialingPlenary Voted
80337DCOM and CandidatesPlenary Voted
80338DCOM and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
80476Deacon ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80793Deacons and Sacramental AuthorityPlenary Voted
80450DefinitionPlenary Voted
80965DeletionPlenary Voted
80326DeletionPlenary Voted
81110Direct HirePlenary Voted
80885DiscontinuationPlenary Voted
80485Discontinued Local PastorPlenary Voted
80611Drinking on CampusPlenary Voted
80423Drinking on CampusPlenary Voted
80316Duties of EldersPlenary Voted
80168Early RetirementPlenary Voted
80248EducationPlenary Voted
80307Education of Full-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80308Education of Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80312Educational Requirements for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80311Educational Requirements for Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80319Elders and Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80888Election of College StudentsPlenary Voted
80007Election of Ordained Ministerial DelegatesPlenary Voted
80012Eligibility and Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80878Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80879Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
81096Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80877Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80874Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80875Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80876Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80886Endowment FundPlenary Voted
81280ExceptionPlenary Voted
80080Executive SessionsPlenary Voted
81555ExpulsionPlenary Voted
80190Extension MinistriesPlenary Voted
80318Extension Ministries and ABLCPlenary Voted
80339Faith Communities on CampusPlenary Voted
81202Fellowship of LP and AMPlenary Voted
81422FootnotePlenary Voted
80251Guaranteed AppointmentPlenary Voted
81203Guaranteed Appointment ChangePlenary Voted
81059Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81060Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81062Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81058Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
80492In Support of Hispanic/Latino Undocumented StudentsPlenary Voted
80325Incapacity LeavePlenary Voted
80977IncarnationPlenary Voted
81374Institutions and UM TeachingPlenary Voted
80191Involuntary Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
81040Involuntary Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
80953Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
80324Leaves of AbsencePlenary Voted
80076Leaves of Absence for DeaconsPlenary Voted
81450Length of ProbationPlenary Voted
80317License for Pastoral MinistryPlenary Voted
80208Limited Sacramental Privilege for DeaconsPlenary Voted
81082Local Pastor AppealsPlenary Voted
81499Local Pastor AppointmentPlenary Voted
80047Local Pastor Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80306Local Pastors and MentorsPlenary Voted
80049Local Pastors as DelegatesPlenary Voted
80010Local Pastors or Associate Members ServicePlenary Voted
80048Local Pastors Right to Vote and Serve as DelegatesPlenary Voted
81477Local Pastors VotePlenary Voted
80963Mandatory TrainingPlenary Voted
80406Mary MagdalenePlenary Voted
80005Membership of Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80336Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80011Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80015MentorsPlenary Voted
81564Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership DevelopmentPlenary Voted
81278Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
81457Minority ReportPlenary Voted
80884New Campus MinistriesPlenary Voted
80185No Annual ReviewPlenary Voted
80932NominationsPlenary Voted
81026Non-UM Schools of TheologyPlenary Voted
80167Non-UM SeminariesPlenary Voted
80269Ongoing Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
80862Online Course of StudyPlenary Voted
80157OrdinationPlenary Voted
80882OversightPlenary Voted
80895Oversight by Division on Higher EducationPlenary Voted
81117Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
81367Pastoral DiscernmentPlenary Voted
81279Pastoral OversightPlenary Voted
81092Pastoral ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80091Pastor-in-chargePlenary Voted
80451Pastor's Decision on MembershipPlenary Voted
81441Pastor's DutyPlenary Voted
80931Personnel FilesPlenary Voted
80881Personnel NeedsPlenary Voted
80859Policy for BOMPlenary Voted
80861Policy from GBHEMPlenary Voted
80279Prevention of the Use of Pornography in the ChurchPlenary Voted
80305Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
80304Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
80310Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
81320Probationary Membership and CommissioningPlenary Voted
80187Probationary Membership for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80059Prohibit Clergy ParticipationPlenary Voted
81309Promote AwarenessPlenary Voted
81210PunctuationPlenary Voted
80348QualificationsPlenary Voted
81423QuestionsPlenary Voted
80181RecommendationPlenary Voted
81503ReferralPlenary Voted
80189Removal of Continued AppointmentPlenary Voted
80169Removal of Financial PenaltyPlenary Voted
80540Reporting Conference Relationship ChangesPlenary Voted
80314Requirements for Deacons in Full ConnectionPlenary Voted
81198ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80349ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80017Responsibilities of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80103Responsibilities of Elder and Local PastorPlenary Voted
80347ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
81478Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81479Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80792Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80071Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80743Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80735Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80733Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80323Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80947RetireesPlenary Voted
81281RetirementPlenary Voted
81498RetirementPlenary Voted
80165Sacramental Privilege of DeaconPlenary Voted
81245Sacramental PrivilegesPlenary Voted
80903Same Gender UnionsPlenary Voted
81310Seminary RequirementsPlenary Voted
80313Service Requirements During Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80852Sexual Abuse/HarrassmentPlenary Voted
80089SMU Bush Presidential Library RejectionPlenary Voted
80302Status of Appointed Certified CandidatesPlenary Voted
81061Stewardship of HealthPlenary Voted
80227Student Local PastorPlenary Voted
80309Students Appointed as Local PastorsPlenary Voted
81319Study of Itinerant MinistryPlenary Voted
80340Support Campus MinistersPlenary Voted
80334Support for Diaconal MinistersPlenary Voted
81160Support of Theological Education in AfricaPlenary Voted
80341The Black College FundPlenary Voted
80321Transfer RequirementsPlenary Voted
81176TransitionPlenary Voted
80075UM Course of Study StandardsPlenary Voted
80035Unauthorized ConductPlenary Voted
80871Unauthorized ServicesPlenary Voted
80205University Senate CompositionPlenary Voted
80009Voice and Vote for Associate Members and Local Pastors on Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80975Voting Prior to OrdinationPlenary Voted
81244Voting PrivilegesPlenary Voted
81276Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80070Voting Rights for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80013Voting Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80014Voting Rights of Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80472WaiverPlenary Voted
81167Women's College FundPlenary Voted
81168Women's College Fund ResolutionPlenary Voted
80856Written ReportPlenary Voted
80333Younger ClergyPlenary Voted