General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionSort AscendingTitleStatus
80003Prohibit DiscriminationPlenary Voted
80025Prohibit DiscriminationPlenary Voted
80036Staff-Parish TenurePlenary Voted
80058Committee Name ChangePlenary Voted
80062Witness Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
80063Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80088Church MembershipPlenary Voted
80097Committee on Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
80098Committee on Pastor/Staff-Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80100Eligibility for MembershipPlenary Voted
80104Definition of MembershipPlenary Voted
80105Eligibility for MembershipPlenary Voted
80107Tenure of Pastor Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80108Optional Addition to Membership VowsPlenary Voted
80114UMC Membership EligibilityPlenary Voted
80118Pastor-Parish Relations MeetingsPlenary Voted
80124Annual AuditPlenary Voted
80125Meaning of MembershipPlenary Voted
80173Definition of Local ChurchPlenary Voted
80174Function of Local ChurchPlenary Voted
80175Cooperative Parish Ministry FormsPlenary Voted
80176Local Church Potential AssessmentPlenary Voted
80183S/PPRCPlenary Voted
80207Exploring MemberPlenary Voted
80209Local Church RecordsPlenary Voted
80222Care of Children and YouthPlenary Voted
80223Care of MembersPlenary Voted
80224Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80225Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80226Young Adult CouncilPlenary Voted
80245Young Adult CorrectionPlenary Voted
80252Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80253Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80257Local Church Support for Young PeoplePlenary Voted
80261Receiving Members from Other ChurchesPlenary Voted
80262Membership VowsPlenary Voted
80298Apportionment FormulaPlenary Voted
80344Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80345Administrative CommitteesPlenary Voted
80369Title CorrectionPlenary Voted
80370FinancingPlenary Voted
80371AbandonmentPlenary Voted
80385Charge Conference AuthorityPlenary Voted
80386Trustee VacanciesPlenary Voted
80387NoticePlenary Voted
80388NoticePlenary Voted
80389Property ProcessPlenary Voted
80390NoticePlenary Voted
80391NoticePlenary Voted
80392Church-Owned BuildingsPlenary Voted
80393DeletionPlenary Voted
80394Covenant RelationshipsPlenary Voted
80407Urban CentersPlenary Voted
80452Closed SessionPlenary Voted
80475Special Needs Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
80479Media Resource LibrarianPlenary Voted
80480Media Resource LibrariesPlenary Voted
80481Audit RequirementPlenary Voted
80484Lay Person in MinistryPlenary Voted
80490Equal Access to Church MembershipPlenary Voted
80500Outreach for People with Special NeedsPlenary Voted
80509Standards for Lay Staff of Local ChurchesPlenary Voted
80643Specialized MinistriesPlenary Voted
80688Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80806The Church CouncilPlenary Voted
80854ImplementationPlenary Voted
80855Policy for CongregationsPlenary Voted
80868Promote Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
80869Charge Conference ReportPlenary Voted
80870Young Adult Ministries ReportPlenary Voted
80916Handling DisagreementsPlenary Voted
80961Open MembershipPlenary Voted
80991Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81021Church Membership EligibilityPlenary Voted
81023Covenant of MembershipPlenary Voted
81036Pastoral ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
81049PPR in the Small Membership ChurchPlenary Voted
81052Purpose of Professing MembershipPlenary Voted
81086Local Church PropertyPlenary Voted
81091DiscontinuancePlenary Voted
81112ElectionsPlenary Voted
81113Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
81114PPR MembershipPlenary Voted
81115Church CouncilPlenary Voted
81116FinancePlenary Voted
81126DeletionPlenary Voted
81144Congregations' RightsPlenary Voted
81185RestrictionPlenary Voted
81207Covenant AgreementsPlenary Voted
81209UM MenPlenary Voted
81213EligibilityPlenary Voted
81218LitigationPlenary Voted
81267SocietiesPlenary Voted
81268Inclusive MembershipPlenary Voted
81269ObediencePlenary Voted
81270Pastoral OversightPlenary Voted
81271Lay Member of AC and SPRCPlenary Voted
81272Maximum ServicePlenary Voted
81273Lay LeadersPlenary Voted
81274Standards for Lay StaffPlenary Voted
81350Individual Responsibility for Professing FaithPlenary Voted
81364Pastoral DiscernmentPlenary Voted
81365Make UMW OptionalPlenary Voted
81366UMW and Local ChurchPlenary Voted
81416DoctrinePlenary Voted
81417DoctrinePlenary Voted
81418DoctrinePlenary Voted
81419UMWPlenary Voted
81420UMMPlenary Voted
81442Prospective MembersPlenary Voted
81443Gift of MembershipPlenary Voted
81481Taxable StatusPlenary Voted
81482UM MembersPlenary Voted
81489Admission into the ChurchPlenary Voted
81513Defining MembershipPlenary Voted
81521Community as Function of ChurchPlenary Voted
81529Pastor's AttendancePlenary Voted