General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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80023National Plan for Hispanic/Latino MinistryPlenary Voted
80026Establish Ministry with Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened PeoplePlenary Voted
80045Equitable Membership for the General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
80046A Balanced Program for The General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
80090Communities of ShalomPlenary Voted
80113Use of Term "Native"Plenary Voted
80122Treaty ObligationsPlenary Voted
80123Global Health InitiativePlenary Voted
80197Church and Community WorkersPlenary Voted
80198National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country MinistryPlenary Voted
80199Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80200Affirm Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80201Support of Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80202Rural ChaplainsPlenary Voted
80268Annual Conference Plans for Hispanic/Latino-Latina MinistriesPlenary Voted
80290Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80363General DirectivesPlenary Voted
80380The AdvancePlenary Voted
80401DeletionPlenary Voted
80402The AdvancePlenary Voted
80403Conference Committee on Mission PersonnelPlenary Voted
80404Scholarship Program Name ChangePlenary Voted
80410Global Migration and the Quest for JusticePlenary Voted
80412Sudan: A Call to Compassion and CaringPlenary Voted
80413The Girl ChildPlenary Voted
80414Abolition of TorturePlenary Voted
80415Holy BoldnessPlenary Voted
80418Annual Conference Plans for Hispanic/Latino MinistriesPlenary Voted
80419National Cooperative Ministry LeadershipPlenary Voted
80420Cooperative MinistryPlenary Voted
80421Eradicating Abusive Child LaborPlenary Voted
80422Children's SabbathPlenary Voted
80428Affirmation of Rural ChaplainsPlenary Voted
80430Fair Trade Coffee and Other ProductsPlenary Voted
80431Economic Justice for a New MillenniumPlenary Voted
80432Global Debt Crisis: A Call for JubileePlenary Voted
80433Concern for Workers TaskforcePlenary Voted
80436Global Efforts to End SlaveryPlenary Voted
80437Holy Land ToursPlenary Voted
80438The Church and the Global HIV/AIDS PandemicPlenary Voted
80439US-China Political RelationsPlenary Voted
80440Free Speech in CubaPlenary Voted
80441Israel-Palestine ConflictPlenary Voted
80493Holistic Strategy on Latin America and the Caribbean as a Special ProgramPlenary Voted
80494Encounter with Christ Permanent Fund - Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
80495U.S. Policy in ViequesPlenary Voted
80496Puerto Rican Political PrisonersPlenary Voted
80517Taiwan Security, Stability, and Self-DeterminationPlenary Voted
80519In Support of the United NationsPlenary Voted
80520Peace in Palestine and IsraelPlenary Voted
80582Global Debt CrisisPlenary Voted
80605Church Supports Global Efforts to End SlaveryPlenary Voted
80609US' Role in ColumbiaPlenary Voted
80618LiberiaPlenary Voted
80619Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
80647Democratic Republic of Congo - A New BeginningPlenary Voted
80663DeletionPlenary Voted
80664DeletionPlenary Voted
80665DeletionPlenary Voted
80667DeletionPlenary Voted
80668DeletionPlenary Voted
80669DeletionPlenary Voted
80672DeletionPlenary Voted
80675DeletionPlenary Voted
80676DeletionPlenary Voted
80677DeletionPlenary Voted
80679DeletionPlenary Voted
80680DeletionPlenary Voted
80681DeletionPlenary Voted
80682DeletionPlenary Voted
80684Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80686Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80687Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80689Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80693Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80695Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80706Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80711Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80713Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80714Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80716Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80723Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80724Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80725Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80730Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80731Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80736Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80747Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80759Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80765Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80767Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80769Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80771Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80775Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80777Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80778Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80779Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80781Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80782Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80783Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80784Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80785Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80955Return to the EarthPlenary Voted
80957Native American HistoryPlenary Voted
80970Global Living WagePlenary Voted
81018End Exploitation by United Nations PersonnelPlenary Voted
81027Support for IsraelPlenary Voted
81140MissionsPlenary Voted
81165Two State SolutionPlenary Voted
81194Pacific Islands UMC Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
81196Way Forward for Israel and PalestiniansPlenary Voted
81249MissionariesPlenary Voted
81253Theocratic and Radical IslamPlenary Voted
81254Refugee PolicyPlenary Voted
81258Malaria, AIDS, and Clean WaterPlenary Voted
81308Society of St. AndrewPlenary Voted
81340Financial StandardsPlenary Voted
81341Deaconesses and Home MissionersPlenary Voted
81344Ministry Response to Sexual ExploitationPlenary Voted
81352Opposition to Treatment of PalestiniansPlenary Voted
81375Financial AccountabilityPlenary Voted
81377Ministry to Victims of ProstitutionPlenary Voted
81391Withdraw from CampaignPlenary Voted
81392TibetPlenary Voted
81396West PapuaPlenary Voted
81397East TimorPlenary Voted
81425Women's DivisionPlenary Voted
81426MembershipPlenary Voted
81427Human NeedPlenary Voted
81505Native American Comprehensive PlanPlenary Voted
81506Darfur/Sudan AwarenessPlenary Voted
81508Global AIDS Fund and Comprehensive EducationPlenary Voted
81509Support for Nothing But NetsPlenary Voted
81569Global Health InitiativePlenary Voted
81579Study Committee on Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
81580The National Plan for Hispanic/Latino MinistryPlenary Voted