General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
81232Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
80544Annual Conference InvestmentsPlenary Voted
81571Apportionment FormulaPlenary Voted
80358ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
80501ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
80368Approval of Building ProposalsPlenary Voted
80546Basis of Pension ContributionsPlenary Voted
81577Board of Trustees and Permanent FundPlenary Voted
81570BudgetPlenary Voted
81083Budget LimitPlenary Voted
80950Budget Line ItemsPlenary Voted
80898Campus Ministry PropertyPlenary Voted
81313CemeteriesPlenary Voted
81227CFA MembershipPlenary Voted
80398Churchwide Financial AppealsPlenary Voted
80365Civil ActionPlenary Voted
81297ClarityPlenary Voted
81311Clergy Couple RetirementPlenary Voted
81074Clergy Families in CrisisPlenary Voted
80650Clergy Retirement Security Program/Technical CorrectionsPlenary Voted
81235Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
80377Committee on Official Forms and RecordsPlenary Voted
80378Committee on Personnel Policies and PracticesPlenary Voted
80648Comprehensive Protection Plan AmendmentsPlenary Voted
80206Conference Board of Church Location and BuildingPlenary Voted
80359Conference Board of PensionsPlenary Voted
80542Conference Board of Pensions MembershipPlenary Voted
80357Conference Council on Finance and AdministrationPlenary Voted
80366Conference TrusteesPlenary Voted
80545Contributions and ServicePlenary Voted
81497Defined Contribution Plan of the Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)Plenary Voted
80445DeletionPlenary Voted
80399DeletionPlenary Voted
81424DeletionPlenary Voted
80653Denominational Health - Annual Conference Health Care PlansPlenary Voted
80658Denominational Health - Annual Conference ReportingPlenary Voted
80654Denominational Health - Annual Conference Retiree Health CarePlenary Voted
80659Denominational Health - Church Systems Task ForcePlenary Voted
80656Denominational Health - Episcopal Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
80655Denominational Health - General Agency Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
80657Denominational Health - General Board of Pension and Health Benefits SupportPlenary Voted
81573DirectivesPlenary Voted
80900Distribution PercentagesPlenary Voted
80132DivestmentPlenary Voted
80836Divestment and SudanPlenary Voted
80835Divestment and SudanPlenary Voted
80989Domestic Partner BenefitsPlenary Voted
80790Ecumenical Shared MinistriesPlenary Voted
81373EnforcementPlenary Voted
81298Episcopal Housing AllowancePlenary Voted
80342Ethics and Coflict of Interest PoliciesPlenary Voted
80286Final ResolutionPlenary Voted
81348Financial RestrictionPlenary Voted
80396Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80361Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81132FundingPlenary Voted
80081Funding for GCFAPlenary Voted
80502Funding Restriction ClarityPlenary Voted
80541GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80539GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80543GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80548GBPHB Authorizations - Old PlansPlenary Voted
80550GBPHB Committee Members at LargePlenary Voted
80552GBPHB Fiduciary ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80549GBPHB Legal EntitiesPlenary Voted
80551GBPHB MembershipPlenary Voted
81576GCFA BudgetPlenary Voted
81070General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81069General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81072General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81071General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81066General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81065General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81068General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81067General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
80661Global Episcopal Pension ProgramPlenary Voted
80660Global Episcopal Pension ProgramPlenary Voted
81384Guide to Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
81578Headquarters/StaffPlenary Voted
80335Incapacity LeavesPlenary Voted
80984Include Connectional TablePlenary Voted
81371IntegrityPlenary Voted
80400Investment EthicsPlenary Voted
80974Investment ManagementPlenary Voted
81557LanguagePlenary Voted
80376Membership of the General Council of AdministrationPlenary Voted
81362Ministerial Education FundPlenary Voted
81361Ministerial Education FundPlenary Voted
80073Ministerial Education Fund DisbursementPlenary Voted
81020Ministerial Education Fund DistributionPlenary Voted
81261More Responsible StewardshipPlenary Voted
80397Other Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81574Pay EquityPlenary Voted
80121Payment ObligationsPlenary Voted
81241Peace and Justice in the Holy LandPlenary Voted
80266Pension BenefitsPlenary Voted
80547Pre-82 Survivor PercentagesPlenary Voted
81575Previous General Conference ReferencesPlenary Voted
81390Print HandicapsPlenary Voted
80367Proceeds From Sale of District ParsonagePlenary Voted
81166Prohibit Support of CohabitationPlenary Voted
81567Promoting Peace Through Ethical InvestmentPlenary Voted
80460Proposed Budget IncreasePlenary Voted
80195Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80384Real PropertyPlenary Voted
80162Recodification of The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
80002Recognition of Katanga Methodist UniversityPlenary Voted
80020Remove ProhibitionPlenary Voted
80795Reorganization of The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
81108Rescind CRSPPlenary Voted
81073Resolution on a Loving CrossPlenary Voted
81372Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80987Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81214Retired Health PlanPlenary Voted
80537Retiree Health Insurance FundingPlenary Voted
80652Retirement Plan for General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80649Retirement Security Program for General Agencies Changes Effective June 1, 2008Plenary Voted
80651Retirement Security Program for General Agencies/Technical CorrectionsPlenary Voted
80832Socially Responsible Investment Task ForcePlenary Voted
80379StatisticsPlenary Voted
81303StewardshipPlenary Voted
81199Study Group on Tithing to General ChurchPlenary Voted
81572Sundays with General Church OfferingsPlenary Voted
80457Tax LeviesPlenary Voted
81089Trust ClausePlenary Voted
80364Trust ClausePlenary Voted
80383TrusteesPlenary Voted
80896UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
80897UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
81118UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
81119UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
80382UM Name RegistrationPlenary Voted
81133United MethodistPlenary Voted
80203Use of Institutional PropertyPlenary Voted
81581World Service Special GiftsPlenary Voted
80362World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted
81488World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted
80096Written Financial PoliciesPlenary Voted