General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
80576Abuse of Older AdultsPlenary Voted
81511Adoption of Services for the Ordering of Ministry in the UMC, 2008Plenary Voted
80217Africana Hymnal StudyPlenary Voted
80236Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80858Board of Lay MinistryPlenary Voted
81225Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
81102Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
80219Childcare and the ChurchPlenary Voted
80216Commitment to Unity in Mission and MinistryPlenary Voted
80264Committee on Older Adult MinistriesPlenary Voted
81547CommunionPlenary Voted
81527ConsistencyPlenary Voted
81231Council MembershipPlenary Voted
81484Decade of EvangelismPlenary Voted
80976DefinitionPlenary Voted
80244DeletionPlenary Voted
80267DeletionPlenary Voted
80482Disposal of Holy BiblePlenary Voted
80087District Young Adult RepresentationPlenary Voted
81306DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81307DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81305DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
80240DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
80256DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81507Equipping Young PeoplePlenary Voted
80239GBOD Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
80243Global Young People's ConvocationPlenary Voted
80469Guide for Lay MembersPlenary Voted
81142Guidelines for a New HymnalPlenary Voted
80218Guidelines: The UMC and the Charismatic MovementPlenary Voted
81051Hymnal RevisionPlenary Voted
80250Hymnal Revision CommitteePlenary Voted
81148Include CarterPlenary Voted
80230Jurisdictional Young Adult MinistryPlenary Voted
80255Jurisdictional Young Adult MinistryPlenary Voted
80254Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80229Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80228Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80260Lay Responsibility for Growth of the ChurchPlenary Voted
81533Lay SpeakerPlenary Voted
80128Meeting TimesPlenary Voted
80242MembershipPlenary Voted
80117Ministry of LaityPlenary Voted
81275Name ChangePlenary Voted
81189Name ChangePlenary Voted
81188Name ChangePlenary Voted
80265Older Adult Recognition DayPlenary Voted
81383Ordination TextPlenary Voted
81526Preserving God's CreationPlenary Voted
80241Project Review CommitteePlenary Voted
80893Promote UM MinistriesPlenary Voted
81558Quadrennial Emphasis on EvangelismPlenary Voted
81226Remove Song From HymnalPlenary Voted
80381ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80776Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80786Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80720Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80249Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80466Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80860Role of GBODPlenary Voted
80069Science and TheologyPlenary Voted
81530Sexual Education ProgramsPlenary Voted
80196Stewardship EducationPlenary Voted
80270Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st CenturyPlenary Voted
81510Study on Young People's MinistryPlenary Voted
80220Support ChrysalisPlenary Voted
81414Traditional NamePlenary Voted
80891TransitionPlenary Voted
80892TransitionPlenary Voted
80889TransitionPlenary Voted
80890TransitionPlenary Voted
80443War and Peace Study MaterialPlenary Voted
80235Youth EvangelismPlenary Voted