General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
81236AccountabilityPlenary Voted
80994Annual Conference LocationsPlenary Voted
80163Annual Conference MembershipPlenary Voted
80213Annual Conference RecordsPlenary Voted
80066Annual Conference Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80052Bermuda in Northeastern JurisdictionPlenary Voted
80140Book of Resolutions ProcessPlenary Voted
80943Business of the ConferencePlenary Voted
80116Call for Special SessionsPlenary Voted
81518Central Conference Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
80857Clergy Session PolicyPlenary Voted
80511Commission on the General ConferencePlenary Voted
81289Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
80910Committee on AppealsPlenary Voted
81128Composite PetitionsPlenary Voted
80232Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
81519Delegate Age ChangePlenary Voted
80094Delegate Term LimitsPlenary Voted
80120DiscriminationPlenary Voted
81039District UnionPlenary Voted
80067District Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80512DiversityPlenary Voted
81386Eliminate Western JurisdictionPlenary Voted
81120Enabling "Affinity Conferences"Plenary Voted
80083Enabling Legislation for Proposed Amendment to Paragraph 23Plenary Voted
81293Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81286Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
80464Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81292Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81568Equal RepresentationPlenary Voted
80040Fair Process to Include LaityPlenary Voted
81238FlexibilityPlenary Voted
80280GenderPlenary Voted
81219General Agency PetitionsPlenary Voted
81520Global ConvocationPlenary Voted
80355Jurisdictional Committee on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
80064Jurisdictional Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
81055Laity Term LimitPlenary Voted
80112Lay MembershipPlenary Voted
81129Legislative Committee AssignmentsPlenary Voted
81017LimitationsPlenary Voted
81220LitigationPlenary Voted
81237Mandated StructuresPlenary Voted
80646Mental Illness MinistryPlenary Voted
80082Minimum Number of Jurisdictional Conference DelegatesPlenary Voted
80273Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80084Missionary Conference as DistrictPlenary Voted
81438NebraskaPlenary Voted
81517Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
81522Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
80534Petition SubmissionPlenary Voted
81087Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
80513Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
80456Previous General Conference ActionPlenary Voted
81296Prohibit MembershipPlenary Voted
81193Publication of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
80911PurposePlenary Voted
81239QualificationsPlenary Voted
80690Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80374RecordsPlenary Voted
80514Reducing the Size of General ConferencePlenary Voted
81543Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81542Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81541Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81546Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81545Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81544Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81537Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81536Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81535Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81540Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81539Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81538Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81088Require Jurisdictional AuditPlenary Voted
81514Requiring General Conference to Meet in Places Without Capital PunishmentPlenary Voted
81287ResolutionsPlenary Voted
81288Resolutions as Public WitnessPlenary Voted
81550Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81440Retired ClergyPlenary Voted
80982Review Book of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
80159Spanish as a General Conference LanguagePlenary Voted
81130Speaking for the ChurchPlenary Voted
80354Special SessionsPlenary Voted
80531Stewardship of Annual Conference TimePlenary Voted
81382Task Group on StructurePlenary Voted
80995Term LimitPlenary Voted
80510Term Limit AllowancePlenary Voted
80099Time of Testimony at General ConferencePlenary Voted
80137Transitional PeriodPlenary Voted
81531Typed PetitionsPlenary Voted
80808Worldwide Nature UMC #1Plenary Voted
80817Worldwide Nature UMC #10Plenary Voted
80818Worldwide Nature UMC #11Plenary Voted
80819Worldwide Nature UMC #12Plenary Voted
80820Worldwide Nature UMC #13Plenary Voted
80821Worldwide Nature UMC #14Plenary Voted
80822Worldwide Nature UMC #15Plenary Voted
80823Worldwide Nature UMC #16Plenary Voted
80824Worldwide Nature UMC #17Plenary Voted
80825Worldwide Nature UMC #18Plenary Voted
80826Worldwide Nature UMC #19Plenary Voted
80809Worldwide Nature UMC #2Plenary Voted
80827Worldwide Nature UMC #20Plenary Voted
80828Worldwide Nature UMC #21Plenary Voted
80829Worldwide Nature UMC #22Plenary Voted
80830Worldwide Nature UMC #23Plenary Voted
80831Worldwide Nature UMC #24Plenary Voted
80810Worldwide Nature UMC #3Plenary Voted
80811Worldwide Nature UMC #4Plenary Voted
80812Worldwide Nature UMC #5Plenary Voted
80813Worldwide Nature UMC #6Plenary Voted
80814Worldwide Nature UMC #7Plenary Voted
80815Worldwide Nature UMC #8Plenary Voted
80816Worldwide Nature UMC #9Plenary Voted
81523Youth Service Fund DelegatePlenary Voted