General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionSort AscendingTitleStatus
80019Remove Exclusionary LanguagePlenary Voted
80041Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80110Recognition of BonhoefferPlenary Voted
80129Right to WorshipPlenary Voted
80130DeletionPlenary Voted
80152Being the ChurchPlenary Voted
80160Committee on Faith and OrderPlenary Voted
80246Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80263Ministry of the LaityPlenary Voted
80271Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80272Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80296Being the ChurchPlenary Voted
80343InclusivenessPlenary Voted
80346GivingPlenary Voted
80442Biblical LanguagePlenary Voted
80453Scriptural AuthorityPlenary Voted
80477Theological Stance on Veneration of ImagesPlenary Voted
80801Spiritual Unity in Human DiversityPlenary Voted
80905ChastityPlenary Voted
80906PurposePlenary Voted
80936Standards for MinistryPlenary Voted
80937Call for Consistent TheologyPlenary Voted
80954Theological DialoguePlenary Voted
81034Gender DefinitionPlenary Voted
81035Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81050IncompatibilityPlenary Voted
81054Ministerial CandidatesPlenary Voted
81103Called to InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81121ScripturePlenary Voted
81122InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81139Biblical LanguagePlenary Voted
81155DeletionPlenary Voted
81171On the Church Within a Church MovementPlenary Voted
81173On SoulforcePlenary Voted
81183Addition to ProvisionPlenary Voted
81186Integrity of MembershipPlenary Voted
81200The Love ResolutionPlenary Voted
81321WelcomingPlenary Voted
81322EffectivenessPlenary Voted
81415WesleyPlenary Voted
81421Practicing HomosexualsPlenary Voted
81437CovenantPlenary Voted
81447RepentancePlenary Voted
81448RepentancePlenary Voted
81554AbstinencePlenary Voted