General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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81116FinancePlenary Voted
81271Lay Member of AC and SPRCPlenary Voted
81114PPR MembershipPlenary Voted
81049PPR in the Small Membership ChurchPlenary Voted
81113Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
81272Maximum ServicePlenary Voted
81482UM MembersPlenary Voted
81529Pastor's AttendancePlenary Voted
81481Taxable StatusPlenary Voted
81273Lay LeadersPlenary Voted
81274Standards for Lay StaffPlenary Voted
80916Handling DisagreementsPlenary Voted
80107Tenure of Pastor Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80118Pastor-Parish Relations MeetingsPlenary Voted
80098Committee on Pastor/Staff-Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80036Staff-Parish TenurePlenary Voted
80097Committee on Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
80124Annual AuditPlenary Voted
80481Audit RequirementPlenary Voted
80509Standards for Lay Staff of Local ChurchesPlenary Voted
80452Closed SessionPlenary Voted
80183S/PPRCPlenary Voted
80345Administrative CommitteesPlenary Voted