General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
80923AdvocatePlenary Voted
80926ComplainantsPlenary Voted
81400Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81042Complaint ReferralPlenary Voted
81459ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81460ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81462ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81461ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80924ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80927DeletionPlenary Voted
81043Discontinue Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80925Double JeopardyPlenary Voted
80972Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
80918Limit ReferralPlenary Voted
80973Medical ReviewPlenary Voted
80928Remedial OptionsPlenary Voted
81190Reporting ResolutionPlenary Voted
80922SpecificationsPlenary Voted
81177Supervisory Response When Complaint is Against a District SuperintendentPlenary Voted