General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
81480AbortionPlenary Voted
81181AbortionPlenary Voted
81360AbortionPlenary Voted
81359AbortionPlenary Voted
81097AbortionPlenary Voted
81124AbortionPlenary Voted
80178AbortionPlenary Voted
81343Adoption and AbortionPlenary Voted
81329Choice of Health Care ProfessionalsPlenary Voted
81330Eugenic PurposesPlenary Voted
81328Fetal PainPlenary Voted
81153Late-Term AbortionsPlenary Voted
81331Mourn High Abortion RatesPlenary Voted
81327Support Crisis Pregnancy CentersPlenary Voted
81079Support Parental NotificationPlenary Voted