General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar C05 Adopted.
Vote: 826 For; 38 Against
5/1/2008 10:00 AM
CalendarTitleSort AscendingStatus
1306Affirm Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
1304Annual Conference Plans for Hispanic/Latino MinistriesPlenary Voted
1312ArbitrationPlenary Voted
1315ARC ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
1323Assistant CounselPlenary Voted
1113Celibacy and FaithfulnessPlenary Voted
1276CemeteriesPlenary Voted
1319Censure of James HolsingerPlenary Voted
1332Change of VenuePlenary Voted
1317Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
1303Church Supports Global Efforts to End SlaveryPlenary Voted
1299ClarityPlenary Voted
1284Clergy Families in CrisisPlenary Voted
1327ComplaintPlenary Voted
1328ComplaintPlenary Voted
1329ComplaintPlenary Voted
1321ComplaintPlenary Voted
1330ComplaintsPlenary Voted
1326ComplaintsPlenary Voted
1322Complaints Against BishopsPlenary Voted
1272Conference Board of Church Location and BuildingPlenary Voted
1273Conference TrusteesPlenary Voted
1333CounselPlenary Voted
1336DeletionPlenary Voted
1324DeletionPlenary Voted
1274Divestment and SudanPlenary Voted
1300Domestic Partner BenefitsPlenary Voted
1295EnforcementPlenary Voted
1307Equitable Membership for the General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
1320Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
1296FundingPlenary Voted
1287General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1288General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1293General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1294General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1290General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1291General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1292General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
1302IntegrityPlenary Voted
1283Investment ManagementPlenary Voted
1314Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
1335Jurisdictional Administrative Review CommitteePlenary Voted
1311Jury PoolPlenary Voted
1277LanguagePlenary Voted
1325Lay MembersPlenary Voted
1313Membership of PresidentPlenary Voted
1337Officers of the CourtPlenary Voted
1334Out-of-Court TestimonyPlenary Voted
1279Peace and Justice in the Holy LandPlenary Voted
1310Peace in Palestine and IsraelPlenary Voted
1316Removal of CredentialsPlenary Voted
1285Resolution on a Loving CrossPlenary Voted
1297Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1301Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1318SpecificationsPlenary Voted
1308Support for IsraelPlenary Voted
1331TrialsPlenary Voted
1286Trust ClausePlenary Voted
1309Two State SolutionPlenary Voted
1280UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
1281UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
1282Use of Institutional PropertyPlenary Voted
1305Use of Term "Native"Plenary Voted
1275World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted