General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar C04 Adopted.
Vote: 842 For; 24 Against
4/30/2008 9:38 AM
CalendarSort AscendingTitleStatus
642Media Resource LibrariesPlenary Voted
992End the U.S. War and Occupation in IraqPlenary Voted
993The War in Iraq and the War on TerrorismPlenary Voted
994Prevention of Space WeaponizationPlenary Voted
995PovertyPlenary Voted
996Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
997Institute on Religion and DemocracyPlenary Voted
998Civility in ElectionsPlenary Voted
999Space Free of WeaponsPlenary Voted
1000PovertyPlenary Voted
1001The Gospel and ChurchPlenary Voted
1002Prevent Weaponization of SpacePlenary Voted
1003BenefitsPlenary Voted
1004In Support of TaiwanPlenary Voted
1005War and PeacePlenary Voted
1006War and PeacePlenary Voted
1007War and PeacePlenary Voted
1008Abolitionist MovementPlenary Voted
1009Iraq WarPlenary Voted
1010Funding the GBCSPlenary Voted
1011Close Board of Church and Society OfficePlenary Voted
1012Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1013Speak OutPlenary Voted
1014Direct Involvement in Political PositionsPlenary Voted
1015District of ColumbiaPlenary Voted
1016Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
1017Apportionment Funding of GBCSPlenary Voted
1018Praying for Peace in IraqPlenary Voted
1019Climate Change ActionPlenary Voted
1020Justice for Filipino WWII VeteransPlenary Voted
1021Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1022Energy PolicyPlenary Voted
1023Caring for the Environment and RegulationPlenary Voted
1024Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
1025The Right to Organize and Bargain CollectivelyPlenary Voted
1026Restore Filipino WWII Veterans BenefitsPlenary Voted
1027Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1028In Support of "A Call to Repentance and Peace with Justice"Plenary Voted
1030Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1031AbortionPlenary Voted
1032AbortionPlenary Voted
1033EmbryosPlenary Voted
1034Stem Cell ResearchPlenary Voted
1035Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
1036DeletionPlenary Voted
1037Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
1038Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
1039Civil Rights in All UnionsPlenary Voted
1040Committed UnionsPlenary Voted
1041Christian MarriagePlenary Voted
1042Mental HealthPlenary Voted
1043Drug ConcernsPlenary Voted
1044MarriagePlenary Voted
1045Caregivers of ChildrenPlenary Voted
1046Committed UnionsPlenary Voted
1047PopulationPlenary Voted
1048Substance Abuse PreventionPlenary Voted
1049Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
1050Rights of ChildrenPlenary Voted
1051Rights of the AgingPlenary Voted
1052DivorcePlenary Voted
1053Define Mental IllnessPlenary Voted
1054Condemn All RacismPlenary Voted
1055The Church and Ethnic TensionsPlenary Voted
1056Rev. Don WildmonPlenary Voted
1057Rights of Religious MinoritiesPlenary Voted
1058DeletionPlenary Voted
1059Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1060Religious LibertyPlenary Voted
1061Health Care System for USAPlenary Voted
1062Reducing the Size of General ConferencePlenary Voted
1063Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
1064Delegate Age ChangePlenary Voted
1065Mental Illness MinistryPlenary Voted
1066Time of Testimony at General ConferencePlenary Voted
1067Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
1068Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
1069Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
1070Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
1071Equal RepresentationPlenary Voted
1072Term LimitPlenary Voted
1073Previous General Conference ActionPlenary Voted
1074Book of Resolutions ProcessPlenary Voted
1075LimitationsPlenary Voted
1076General Agency PetitionsPlenary Voted
1077Legislative Committee AssignmentsPlenary Voted
1078Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1079Speaking for the ChurchPlenary Voted
1080ResolutionsPlenary Voted
1081Requiring General Conference to Meet in Places Without Capital PunishmentPlenary Voted
1082Stewardship of Annual Conference TimePlenary Voted
1083Prohibit MembershipPlenary Voted
1084Business of the ConferencePlenary Voted
1085DiscriminationPlenary Voted
1086LitigationPlenary Voted
1087Laity Term LimitPlenary Voted
1088Lay MembershipPlenary Voted
1089Retired ClergyPlenary Voted
1090PurposePlenary Voted
1091Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
1092Publication of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
1093Resolutions as Public WitnessPlenary Voted
1094Committee on AppealsPlenary Voted
1095Enabling "Affinity Conferences"Plenary Voted
1096Eliminate Western JurisdictionPlenary Voted
1097NebraskaPlenary Voted
1098Delegate Term LimitsPlenary Voted
1099QualificationsPlenary Voted
1100InclusivenessPlenary Voted
1101Malaria, AIDS, and Clean WaterPlenary Voted
1102Withdraw from CampaignPlenary Voted
1103MembershipPlenary Voted
1104EligibilityPlenary Voted
1106Conflicts of InterestPlenary Voted
1107DeletionPlenary Voted
1108DeletionPlenary Voted
1109DeletionPlenary Voted
1110RestorationPlenary Voted
1111Transparency of Church TrialsPlenary Voted
1114DeletionPlenary Voted
1115Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
1116Self-AvowedPlenary Voted
1117Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
1118Definition of MembershipPlenary Voted
1119Gift of MembershipPlenary Voted
1120Individual Responsibility for Professing FaithPlenary Voted
1121Inclusive MembershipPlenary Voted
1122Duties of the PastorPlenary Voted
1123Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
1124Election of Ordained Ministerial DelegatesPlenary Voted
1125Voting Rights for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
1126All MattersPlenary Voted
1127Local Pastors Right to Vote and Serve as DelegatesPlenary Voted
1128Clergy EvaluationPlenary Voted
1129Guaranteed Appointment ChangePlenary Voted
1130Deacons and Sacramental AuthorityPlenary Voted
1131Certified Lay Minister and SacramentsPlenary Voted
1132Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
1133Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
1134Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
1135ExpulsionPlenary Voted
1136Election of College StudentsPlenary Voted
1137Seminary RequirementsPlenary Voted
1138Non-UM Schools of TheologyPlenary Voted
1139Constitutional Amendment Voting RightsPlenary Voted
1140Probationary Membership and CommissioningPlenary Voted
1141Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
1142Local Pastors or Associate Members ServicePlenary Voted
1143Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
1144Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
1145RetireesPlenary Voted
1146RetirementPlenary Voted
1147Age-Based ExceptionsPlenary Voted
1148Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
1149RetirementPlenary Voted
1150Appointed Beyond Home ConferencePlenary Voted
1152Written ReportPlenary Voted
1153Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
1154Appointment of Retired Local PastorPlenary Voted
1155Local Pastor AppealsPlenary Voted
1156Discontinued Local PastorPlenary Voted
1157Local Pastor AppointmentPlenary Voted
1158Course of Study CompletionPlenary Voted
1159Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1160Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1161DeletionPlenary Voted
1162Direct HirePlenary Voted
1163ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
1164RecommendationPlenary Voted
1165Campus Ministry BoardsPlenary Voted
1166CandidacyPlenary Voted
1167Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
1168Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
1169Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
1170Drinking on CampusPlenary Voted
1171Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
1172Mary MagdalenePlenary Voted
1173Women's College Fund ResolutionPlenary Voted