General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar C03 Adopted.
Vote: 763 For; 38 Against
4/29/2008 11:23 AM
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492ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
491Christian Social EngagementPlenary Voted
486Prayer and Support for Those Caught Up in WarPlenary Voted
485Sanctuary ChurchesPlenary Voted
483StewardshipPlenary Voted
484Death PenaltyPlenary Voted
489Remove National FlagPlenary Voted
490LitigationPlenary Voted
488PrayerPlenary Voted
487Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
506Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
507Human SexualityPlenary Voted
505Alcohol and Other DrugsPlenary Voted
504Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
502DeletionPlenary Voted
503DeletionPlenary Voted
508DeletionPlenary Voted
501Grieving and Repenting from Acts of Hate and ViolencePlenary Voted
498Oppose Divestment from IsraelPlenary Voted
497Statement on HamasPlenary Voted
494Dissolution of General Board of Church and SocietyPlenary Voted
493Accountability for GBCSPlenary Voted
495War and PeacePlenary Voted
499On The Institute on Religion and DemocracyPlenary Voted
496Support for IsraelPlenary Voted
525Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
515Equal RightsPlenary Voted
524Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
511DeletionPlenary Voted
522Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
510The Protection of Native American Sacred SitesPlenary Voted
521Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
513Church in MinistryPlenary Voted
514Equal RightsPlenary Voted
523Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
512Implementing ResolutionPlenary Voted
526Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
516Adult EqualityPlenary Voted
519Homosexuality and Authentic TolerancePlenary Voted
518DeletionPlenary Voted
517DeletionPlenary Voted
509Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
520HomosexualityPlenary Voted
538Ordination TextPlenary Voted
531Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
537Science and TheologyPlenary Voted
536Disposal of Holy BiblePlenary Voted
540Decade of EvangelismPlenary Voted
529Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
528Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
527Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
539Quadrennial Emphasis on EvangelismPlenary Voted
532Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
530Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
543Abuse of Older AdultsPlenary Voted
533Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
544TransitionPlenary Voted
534Remove Song From HymnalPlenary Voted
535CommunionPlenary Voted
541Name ChangePlenary Voted
542Name ChangePlenary Voted
559Tax LeviesPlenary Voted
558Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
556Ministerial Education FundPlenary Voted
560Retiree Health Insurance FundingPlenary Voted
555StewardshipPlenary Voted
557DeletionPlenary Voted
561DeletionPlenary Voted
548Board of Lay MinistryPlenary Voted
553Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
550ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
551Budget Line ItemsPlenary Voted
552Episcopal Housing AllowancePlenary Voted
545ConsistencyPlenary Voted
554Funding for GCFAPlenary Voted
547Name ChangePlenary Voted
546TransitionPlenary Voted
577The Love ResolutionPlenary Voted
576On SoulforcePlenary Voted
564Pension BenefitsPlenary Voted
566Guide to Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
565United MethodistPlenary Voted
567DeletionPlenary Voted
578PurposePlenary Voted
569AbstinencePlenary Voted
573Theological Stance on Veneration of ImagesPlenary Voted
572Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
570ChastityPlenary Voted
571Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
563Retired Health PlanPlenary Voted
574Call for Consistent TheologyPlenary Voted
575On the Church Within a Church MovementPlenary Voted
568Scriptural AuthorityPlenary Voted
562Rescind CRSPPlenary Voted
582Integrity of MembershipPlenary Voted
580Biblical LanguagePlenary Voted
579CovenantPlenary Voted
581Spiritual Unity in Human DiversityPlenary Voted
592StaffPlenary Voted
591Unanimity in Certain AreasPlenary Voted
590General Secretary SupportPlenary Voted
596Leadership CouncilPlenary Voted
595Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
594LitigationPlenary Voted
593General AgenciesPlenary Voted
583Percentage on Agencies and BoardsPlenary Voted
587General Agency MembershipPlenary Voted
586Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
584Central Conference MembershipPlenary Voted
585RepresentationPlenary Voted
589General Agency Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
588Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
603Deaconesses and Home MissionersPlenary Voted
602Refugee PolicyPlenary Voted
604Holistic Strategy on Latin America and the Caribbean as a Special ProgramPlenary Voted
606Financial StandardsPlenary Voted
610Withhold Funding of World Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
598The AdvancePlenary Voted
607Ministry to Victims of ProstitutionPlenary Voted
608Opposition to Treatment of PalestiniansPlenary Voted
601Global Health InitiativePlenary Voted
600A Balanced Program for The General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
609Theocratic and Radical IslamPlenary Voted
599Establish Ministry with Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened PeoplePlenary Voted
605Financial AccountabilityPlenary Voted
611Sexual AbusePlenary Voted
612Responsibility for Eradication of RacismPlenary Voted
597Peacemaking Report RequestPlenary Voted
623Act of Repentance for RacismPlenary Voted
613John Wesley in Spanish FloridaPlenary Voted
619Online Access to The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
616Promoting Christian-Muslim RelationsPlenary Voted
617Expansion of UM ThemePlenary Voted
621Accountability for the National Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
618Online Access to The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
622Seeking Wise StewardshipPlenary Voted
620GCCUIC Support of the NCCPlenary Voted
615Emphasize Christian FaithPlenary Voted
625Referral to General CounselPlenary Voted
626Complaint ProceduresPlenary Voted
627Involuntary RetirementPlenary Voted
614Ecumenical Dialogues on the Native CommunityPlenary Voted
628Certified Candidate AppealsPlenary Voted
624Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
634Time Between BallotsPlenary Voted
643Media Resource LibrarianPlenary Voted
636Optional Addition to Membership VowsPlenary Voted
638ImplementationPlenary Voted
635Nominations from the FloorPlenary Voted
637Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
639LitigationPlenary Voted
632Moot and HypotheticalPlenary Voted
641Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
630Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
631Declaratory DecisionsPlenary Voted
633ForumPlenary Voted
629Transgenderism Among ClergyPlenary Voted
640Covenant of MembershipPlenary Voted
662TransitionPlenary Voted
656Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
651UMMPlenary Voted
652ElectionsPlenary Voted
653Apportionment FormulaPlenary Voted
661Alternate NamePlenary Voted
660Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
659Eligibility and Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
654Charge Conference ReportPlenary Voted
655DoctrinePlenary Voted
658Responsibilities of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
645Witness Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
644DeletionPlenary Voted
646Policy for CongregationsPlenary Voted
649NoticePlenary Voted
647Congregations' RightsPlenary Voted
657ExceptionPlenary Voted
670Annual Conference Role in University Senate ReviewPlenary Voted
669Non-UM SeminariesPlenary Voted
666FootnotePlenary Voted
665QuestionsPlenary Voted
664IncarnationPlenary Voted
663QualificationsPlenary Voted
677Executive SessionsPlenary Voted
678NominationsPlenary Voted
672Institutions and UM TeachingPlenary Voted
676Unauthorized ConductPlenary Voted
671Affiliated InstitutionsPlenary Voted
675Pastoral ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
673Promote AwarenessPlenary Voted
679Criteria for BishopPlenary Voted
667Limited Sacramental Privilege for DeaconsPlenary Voted
668UM Course of Study StandardsPlenary Voted
674Responsibilities of Elder and Local PastorPlenary Voted
688Formula for Number of BishopsPlenary Voted
685AppointmentsPlenary Voted
696Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
697MentorsPlenary Voted
694ClarificationPlenary Voted
683Access to Supervisory FilePlenary Voted
689DeletionPlenary Voted
684Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
687Review and Evaluation of Bishops in JurisdictionsPlenary Voted
691Bishops Not ReelectedPlenary Voted
686Accountability of BishopsPlenary Voted
680Guidance of Our BishopsPlenary Voted
692Selection of SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
681Specific Responsibilities of BishopsPlenary Voted
695Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
690Delayed Retirement of BishopsPlenary Voted
693Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
682Home AreasPlenary Voted
699SupervisionPlenary Voted
709AppointmentsPlenary Voted
708ClarificationPlenary Voted
707Ease WorkloadPlenary Voted
710ClarificationPlenary Voted
713Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
712District Superintendent ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
711Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
706AccountabilityPlenary Voted
702Longer Tenure CriteriaPlenary Voted
701Supervisory FilesPlenary Voted
700Sacraments for AllPlenary Voted
703CommunicationPlenary Voted
705ClarificationPlenary Voted
704Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
698ClarificationPlenary Voted
714Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
717Define Written Question of LawPlenary Voted
716Primary TaskPlenary Voted
715DeletionPlenary Voted
720Episcopal Term LimitsPlenary Voted
719Tenure for BishopsPlenary Voted
718Term Limit for BishopsPlenary Voted