General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar A05 Adopted.
Vote: 832 For; 21 Against
5/1/2008 9:55 AM
CalendarTitleSort AscendingStatus
1214Annual Conference InvestmentsPlenary Voted
1219Approval of Building ProposalsPlenary Voted
1218Campus Ministry PropertyPlenary Voted
877Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
1216Civil ActionPlenary Voted
1230Committees on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
1237ComplaintPlenary Voted
1236Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
1232ConfidentialityPlenary Voted
1235Definition of ComplaintsPlenary Voted
1211Denominational Health - Episcopal Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
1221GBPHB Committee Members at LargePlenary Voted
1223GBPHB MembershipPlenary Voted
1227General DirectivesPlenary Voted
1224Membership of the General Council of AdministrationPlenary Voted
1222Proceeds From Sale of District ParsonagePlenary Voted
1220Real PropertyPlenary Voted
1228Society of St. AndrewPlenary Voted
1234Special InvestigationPlenary Voted
1233Supervisory Follow-UpPlenary Voted
1213Trust ClausePlenary Voted
1217UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
1212UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
1215UM Name RegistrationPlenary Voted
1231Update to ConformPlenary Voted