General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar A04 Adopted.
Vote: 796 For; 24 Against
4/30/2008 9:30 AM
CalendarTitleStatusSort Ascending
254Organizational MeetingsPlenary Voted
793EducationPlenary Voted
796PovertyPlenary Voted
795Criminal and Restorative JusticePlenary Voted
792Agricultural Support SystemsPlenary Voted
794GamblingPlenary Voted
791Basic Freedoms and Human RightsPlenary Voted
801DivorcePlenary Voted
798EuthanasiaPlenary Voted
799AbortionPlenary Voted
797Justice and LawPlenary Voted
814Clergy Session PolicyPlenary Voted
815RecordsPlenary Voted
812AccountabilityPlenary Voted
807Rights of ImmigrantsPlenary Voted
804Universal RightsPlenary Voted
803Urban-Suburban LifePlenary Voted
806Media Violence and Christian ValuesPlenary Voted
805DeletionPlenary Voted
802Single PersonsPlenary Voted
810Review Book of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
811Missionary Conference as DistrictPlenary Voted
808DiversityPlenary Voted
809Typed PetitionsPlenary Voted
826Membership VowsPlenary Voted
821Require Jurisdictional AuditPlenary Voted
820Special SessionsPlenary Voted
824Conference Secretary and StatisticianPlenary Voted
823Jurisdictional Committee on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
822Ages Waived for Young PersonsPlenary Voted
825Human NeedPlenary Voted
817Annual Conference RecordsPlenary Voted
827Length of ProbationPlenary Voted
828Service Requirements During Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
819Call for Special SessionsPlenary Voted
818Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
829Guaranteed AppointmentPlenary Voted
830Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
831Status of Appointed Certified CandidatesPlenary Voted
832Changing Membership in an OrderPlenary Voted
835ClarificationPlenary Voted
838Oversight by Division on Higher EducationPlenary Voted
833DCOM and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
842Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
836Contact InformationPlenary Voted
834Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
837Endowment FundPlenary Voted
839New Campus MinistriesPlenary Voted
840Requirements for Deacons in Full ConnectionPlenary Voted
841OversightPlenary Voted
848Education of Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
849Students Appointed as Local PastorsPlenary Voted
845DefinitionPlenary Voted
846Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
847Education of Full-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
850Student Local PastorPlenary Voted
852Voice and Vote for Associate Members and Local Pastors on Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
853Fellowship of LP and AMPlenary Voted
844DCOM and CandidatesPlenary Voted
851Educational Requirements for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
864Unauthorized ServicesPlenary Voted
869Membership of Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
858Younger ClergyPlenary Voted
863PunctuationPlenary Voted
865Early RetirementPlenary Voted
859DeletionPlenary Voted
861Transfer RequirementsPlenary Voted
862Clergy in Other Annual ConferencesPlenary Voted
860Changes in Conference RelationshipPlenary Voted
866Clarify the Status of Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
856Reporting Conference Relationship ChangesPlenary Voted
855Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
854WaiverPlenary Voted
867License for Pastoral MinistryPlenary Voted
868MentorsPlenary Voted
857Support for Diaconal MinistersPlenary Voted
870Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
871Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
873Authority of Licensed ClergyPlenary Voted
872Online Course of StudyPlenary Voted
874Local Pastors and MentorsPlenary Voted
876Voting Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
875CandidacyPlenary Voted
878Voting Rights of Local PastorsPlenary Voted