General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar A03 Adopted.
Vote: 834 For; 33 Against
4/29/2008 9:52 AM
CalendarSort AscendingTitleStatus
185Privatization of Water ResourcesPlenary Voted
186Respect for Differences of OpinionPlenary Voted
187Unacceptable ActionsPlenary Voted
188War and PeacePlenary Voted
189Prevention of Space WeaponizationPlenary Voted
190Foreign EmployeesPlenary Voted
191Broader Statement of Equal RightsPlenary Voted
192Jurisdictional Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
193Annual Conference Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
194District Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
195District UnionPlenary Voted
196Enabling Legislation for Proposed Amendment to Paragraph 23Plenary Voted
197Lay SpeakerPlenary Voted
198ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
199Youth EvangelismPlenary Voted
200District Young Adult RepresentationPlenary Voted
201Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
202Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
203GBOD Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
204DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
205Project Review CommitteePlenary Voted
206DeletionPlenary Voted
207Global Young People's ConvocationPlenary Voted
208MembershipPlenary Voted
210TransitionPlenary Voted
211Promote UM MinistriesPlenary Voted
212ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
213GBPHB Fiduciary ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
214Final ResolutionPlenary Voted
215World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted
216Conference Council on Finance and AdministrationPlenary Voted
217Payment ObligationsPlenary Voted
218Committee on Personnel Policies and PracticesPlenary Voted
220Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
221StatisticsPlenary Voted
222Other Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
223Churchwide Financial AppealsPlenary Voted
224Include Connectional TablePlenary Voted
225GBPHB Legal EntitiesPlenary Voted
226TrusteesPlenary Voted
227Denominational Health - Annual Conference Health Care PlansPlenary Voted
228Denominational Health - Annual Conference Retiree Health CarePlenary Voted
229Denominational Health - General Agency Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
230Denominational Health - Annual Conference ReportingPlenary Voted
231Denominational Health - General Board of Pension and Health Benefits SupportPlenary Voted
232Conference Board of PensionsPlenary Voted
233Conference Board of Pensions MembershipPlenary Voted
234Incapacity LeavesPlenary Voted
235GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
236GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
237GBPHB Authorizations - Old PlansPlenary Voted
238Pre-82 Survivor PercentagesPlenary Voted
239Basis of Pension ContributionsPlenary Voted
240Contributions and ServicePlenary Voted
241Global Episcopal Pension ProgramPlenary Voted
242Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
243GivingPlenary Voted
244InclusivenessPlenary Voted
245GBHEM Members on Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
247DMYP Members on Connectional TablePlenary Voted
248Agencies and General AgenciesPlenary Voted
249Deputy General SecretaryPlenary Voted
250Define Older AdultPlenary Voted
251Cross Reference NotationPlenary Voted
252DeletionPlenary Voted
253Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
255TenurePlenary Voted
256Budget ProcessPlenary Voted
257PurposePlenary Voted
258Inclusion of Native American ReservationsPlenary Voted
259TrainingPlenary Voted
260Extended CabinetPlenary Voted
261Role of UMMPlenary Voted
262Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
263Connectional ReportingPlenary Voted
264COSROW MembershipPlenary Voted
265Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
266Archiving of Conference JournalsPlenary Voted
267Heritage Landmark StatuesPlenary Voted
268Duties of Commission on ArchivesPlenary Voted
269Pan-Methodist CommissionPlenary Voted
270Global RacismPlenary Voted
272Dismantle RacismPlenary Voted
273Judicial Council QuorumPlenary Voted
274Local Church Potential AssessmentPlenary Voted
275Defining MembershipPlenary Voted
276Covenant AgreementsPlenary Voted
277Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
278Care of MembersPlenary Voted
279Care of Children and YouthPlenary Voted
280Local Church RecordsPlenary Voted
281Specialized MinistriesPlenary Voted
282Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
283Charge Conference AuthorityPlenary Voted
284Title CorrectionPlenary Voted
285NoticePlenary Voted
286NoticePlenary Voted
287Property ProcessPlenary Voted
288NoticePlenary Voted
289DeletionPlenary Voted
290Covenant RelationshipsPlenary Voted
291Urban CentersPlenary Voted
292Cooperative Parish Ministry FormsPlenary Voted
293Admission into the ChurchPlenary Voted
294RestrictionPlenary Voted
295Church-Owned BuildingsPlenary Voted
296Special Needs Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
297FinancingPlenary Voted
299Paragraph 256 ChangesPlenary Voted
300Young Adult CorrectionPlenary Voted
301Leaves of AbsencePlenary Voted
302Extension Ministries and ABLCPlenary Voted
303ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
304Leaves of Absence for DeaconsPlenary Voted
305Clarification of RitualPlenary Voted
306Consultation Prior to TerminationPlenary Voted
307Incapacity LeavePlenary Voted
308Associate Member LicensePlenary Voted
309Extension MinistriesPlenary Voted
310Appointment of DeaconsPlenary Voted
311Educational Requirements for Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
312Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
313Personnel NeedsPlenary Voted
314ConstructionPlenary Voted
315Board ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
316Duties of EldersPlenary Voted
317Elders and Local PastorsPlenary Voted
318Assignment of BishopsPlenary Voted
319Episcopal AppointmentPlenary Voted
320LeadershipPlenary Voted
321VacancyPlenary Voted
322Home MissionersPlenary Voted
323CorrectionPlenary Voted
324Review and Evaluation of BishopsPlenary Voted
325Assignments in RetirementPlenary Voted
326Vocational RetirementPlenary Voted
327Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
328MentorsPlenary Voted
329Responsibilities of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
330ClergyPlenary Voted
331Clergy Continuing EducationPlenary Voted
332Criteria-PastorsPlenary Voted
333ClergyPlenary Voted
334Records of Discontinued ChurchesPlenary Voted
335Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural AppointmentsPlenary Voted
336Role of Bishops and District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted