General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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Consent Calendar C02 Adopted.
Vote: 858 For; 33 Against
4/28/2008 9:20 AM
CalendarTitleStatusSort Ascending
81Military ServicePlenary Voted
89ImmigrationPlenary Voted
90ImmigrationPlenary Voted
88Opening Doors to LatinosPlenary Voted
87Immigration ReformPlenary Voted
82Payment of GBCS DebtPlenary Voted
91Caring Communities Education InitiativePlenary Voted
84Environmental StewardshipPlenary Voted
83Greenhouse EmissionsPlenary Voted
80Global WarmingPlenary Voted
86Immigration LawsPlenary Voted
85Climate ChangesPlenary Voted
98Traditional NamePlenary Voted
104Proposed Budget IncreasePlenary Voted
109Addition to ProvisionPlenary Voted
108RepentancePlenary Voted
103Defined Contribution Plan of the Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)Plenary Voted
92Composite PetitionsPlenary Voted
93Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
94Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
106Recodification of The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
96Central Conference Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
97Role of GBODPlenary Voted
107More Responsible StewardshipPlenary Voted
105Study Group on Tithing to General ChruchPlenary Voted
95Global ConvocationPlenary Voted
100Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
101Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
99Guidelines for a New HymnalPlenary Voted
102Hymnal RevisionPlenary Voted
128Reconsider Level of Support of National Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
125General AgenciesPlenary Voted
110Theological DialoguePlenary Voted
126Ministry Response to Sexual ExploitationPlenary Voted
113Retain Special SundaysPlenary Voted
119ExclusionPlenary Voted
120Inclusive Language for AgePlenary Voted
112Study CommitteePlenary Voted
118Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
115Proposed StudyPlenary Voted
114Year 44 Task ForcePlenary Voted
117InclusivityPlenary Voted
116Global ChurchPlenary Voted
111International StaffingPlenary Voted
124Nondiscrimination Against LaityPlenary Voted
127Role of COSROWPlenary Voted
123Constitutional ChangePlenary Voted
122GenderPlenary Voted
121Readiness for MembershipPlenary Voted
129General Conference Committee on InvestigationPlenary Voted
146Episcopal SupervisionPlenary Voted
141Campus Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
130Annual Conference Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
140Women's College FundPlenary Voted
142Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
131Establish Case Review PanelPlenary Voted
143Removal of Financial PenaltyPlenary Voted
134SocietiesPlenary Voted
135Purpose of Professing MembershipPlenary Voted
133Pastoral DiscernmentPlenary Voted
144Study of Itinerant MinistryPlenary Voted
145Ongoing Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
139Definition of Local ChurchPlenary Voted
132Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
138Community as Function of ChurchPlenary Voted
136Exploring MemberPlenary Voted
137Lay Person in MinistryPlenary Voted