General Conference 2008 Legislation Tracking

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81581World Service Special GiftsPlenary Voted
81580The National Plan for Hispanic/Latino MinistryPlenary Voted
81579Study Committee on Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
81578Headquarters/StaffPlenary Voted
81577Board of Trustees and Permanent FundPlenary Voted
81576GCFA BudgetPlenary Voted
81575Previous General Conference ReferencesPlenary Voted
81574Pay EquityPlenary Voted
81573DirectivesPlenary Voted
81572Sundays with General Church OfferingsPlenary Voted
81571Apportionment FormulaPlenary Voted
81570BudgetPlenary Voted
81569Global Health InitiativePlenary Voted
81568Equal RepresentationPlenary Voted
81567Promoting Peace Through Ethical InvestmentPlenary Voted
81566Establish Sudan Central ConferencePlenary Voted
81565General Conference in Central ConferencePlenary Voted
81564Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership DevelopmentPlenary Voted
81563Building Medical SchoolPlenary Voted
81562A Declaration From the Church in AfricaPlenary Voted
81560Payment of GBCS DebtPlenary Voted
81559Alcohol ForbiddenPlenary Voted
81558Quadrennial Emphasis on EvangelismPlenary Voted
81557LanguagePlenary Voted
81556Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81555ExpulsionPlenary Voted
81554AbstinencePlenary Voted
81553Speak OutPlenary Voted
81552DivorcePlenary Voted
81551Rev. Don WildmonPlenary Voted
81550Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81549Commission on Alcohol and DrugsPlenary Voted
81548Campus Ministry BoardsPlenary Voted
81547CommunionPlenary Voted
81546Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81545Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81544Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81543Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81542Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81541Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81540Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81539Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81538Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81537Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81536Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81535Regional ConferencesPlenary Voted
81534Additional Area to the Philippines Central ConferencePlenary Voted
81533Lay SpeakerPlenary Voted
81532Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81531Typed PetitionsPlenary Voted
81530Sexual Education ProgramsPlenary Voted
81529Pastor's AttendancePlenary Voted
81528Proposed StudyPlenary Voted
81527ConsistencyPlenary Voted
81526Preserving God's CreationPlenary Voted
81525Young People on Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
81524Percentage on Agencies and BoardsPlenary Voted
81523Youth Service Fund DelegatePlenary Voted
81522Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
81521Community as Function of ChurchPlenary Voted
81520Global ConvocationPlenary Voted
81519Delegate Age ChangePlenary Voted
81518Central Conference Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
81517Percentage Under 30Plenary Voted
81516Political and Social UnrestPlenary Voted
81515Statement of Concern on PovertyPlenary Voted
81514Requiring General Conference to Meet in Places Without Capital PunishmentPlenary Voted
81513Defining MembershipPlenary Voted
81512Climate Change ActionPlenary Voted
81511Adoption of Services for the Ordering of Ministry in the UMC, 2008Plenary Voted
81510Study on Young People's MinistryPlenary Voted
81509Support for Nothing But NetsPlenary Voted
81508Global AIDS Fund and Comprehensive EducationPlenary Voted
81507Equipping Young PeoplePlenary Voted
81506Darfur/Sudan AwarenessPlenary Voted
81505Native American Comprehensive PlanPlenary Voted
81504Immigration VideoPlenary Voted
81503ReferralPlenary Voted
81502Continuation of Study of Ministry CommissionPlenary Voted
81501Retain Special SundaysPlenary Voted
81500Define Mental IllnessPlenary Voted
81499Local Pastor AppointmentPlenary Voted
81498RetirementPlenary Voted
81497Defined Contribution Plan of the Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)Plenary Voted
81496Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81495Caring Communities Education InitiativePlenary Voted
81494ClarificationPlenary Voted
81493ClarificationPlenary Voted
81492ClarificationPlenary Voted
81491ClarificationPlenary Voted
81490ClarificationPlenary Voted
81489Admission into the ChurchPlenary Voted
81488World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted
81487Global WarmingPlenary Voted
81486General AgenciesPlenary Voted
81485General AgenciesPlenary Voted
81484Decade of EvangelismPlenary Voted
81483Abolitionist MovementPlenary Voted
81482UM MembersPlenary Voted
81481Taxable StatusPlenary Voted
81480AbortionPlenary Voted
81479Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81478Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81477Local Pastors VotePlenary Voted
81476AppointmentsPlenary Voted
81475Jury PoolPlenary Voted
81474Out-of-Court TestimonyPlenary Voted
81473CounselPlenary Voted
81472Change of VenuePlenary Voted
81471Officers of the CourtPlenary Voted
81470TrialsPlenary Voted
81469ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81468ComplaintPlenary Voted
81467ComplaintPlenary Voted
81466ComplaintPlenary Voted
81465ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81464ComplaintPlenary Voted
81463ComplaintPlenary Voted
81462ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81461ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81460ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81459ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81458ComplaintPlenary Voted
81457Minority ReportPlenary Voted
81456UM-Episcopal DialoguePlenary Voted
81455ELCA/UMC Full Communion ResolutionPlenary Voted
81454AbortionPlenary Voted
81453United Methodism and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive ChoicePlenary Voted
81452Peacemaking Report RequestPlenary Voted
81451PeacemakingPlenary Voted
81450Length of ProbationPlenary Voted
81449ExclusionPlenary Voted
81448RepentancePlenary Voted
81447RepentancePlenary Voted
81446Complaints Against BishopsPlenary Voted
81445General Conference Committee on InvestigationPlenary Voted
81444Referral to General CounselPlenary Voted
81443Gift of MembershipPlenary Voted
81442Prospective MembersPlenary Voted
81441Pastor's DutyPlenary Voted
81440Retired ClergyPlenary Voted
81439Quality in HealthcarePlenary Voted
81438NebraskaPlenary Voted
81437CovenantPlenary Voted
81436Review and Evaluation of BishopsPlenary Voted
81435Assignments in RetirementPlenary Voted
81434Vocational RetirementPlenary Voted
81433Retirement of BishopsPlenary Voted
81432Episcopal AreasPlenary Voted
81431New Episcopal Area in MozambiquePlenary Voted
81430South Africa Provisional to Become Annual ConferencePlenary Voted
81429New Episcopal Area in ZimbabwePlenary Voted
81428Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
81427Human NeedPlenary Voted
81426MembershipPlenary Voted
81425Women's DivisionPlenary Voted
81424DeletionPlenary Voted
81423QuestionsPlenary Voted
81422FootnotePlenary Voted
81421Practicing HomosexualsPlenary Voted
81420UMMPlenary Voted
81419UMWPlenary Voted
81418DoctrinePlenary Voted
81417DoctrinePlenary Voted
81416DoctrinePlenary Voted
81415WesleyPlenary Voted
81414Traditional NamePlenary Voted
81413RestorationPlenary Voted
81412Authority of BishopsPlenary Voted
81411Complaint Against Professing MemberPlenary Voted
81410Bishops Not ReelectedPlenary Voted
81409Term Limits for BishopsPlenary Voted
81408DeletionPlenary Voted
81407DeletionPlenary Voted
81406Lay MembersPlenary Voted
81405DeletionPlenary Voted
81404DeletionPlenary Voted
81403DeletionPlenary Voted
81402DeletionPlenary Voted
81401Assistant CounselPlenary Voted
81400Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81399Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81398Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81397East TimorPlenary Voted
81396West PapuaPlenary Voted
81395Immigration ReformPlenary Voted
81394ImmigrationPlenary Voted
81393Promoting Christian-Muslim RelationsPlenary Voted
81392TibetPlenary Voted
81391Withdraw from CampaignPlenary Voted
81390Print HandicapsPlenary Voted
81389Make Eurasia Episcopal Area a Provisional Central ConferencePlenary Voted
81388Establish Malawi Missionary ConferencePlenary Voted
81387Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81386Eliminate Western JurisdictionPlenary Voted
81385Direct Involvement in Political PositionsPlenary Voted
81384Guide to Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
81383Ordination TextPlenary Voted
81382Task Group on StructurePlenary Voted
81381Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81380Membership of PresidentPlenary Voted
81379Censure of James HolsingerPlenary Voted
81378Anti-SemitismPlenary Voted
81377Ministry to Victims of ProstitutionPlenary Voted
81376Self-AvowedPlenary Voted
81375Financial AccountabilityPlenary Voted
81374Institutions and UM TeachingPlenary Voted
81373EnforcementPlenary Voted
81372Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81371IntegrityPlenary Voted
81370TimelinePlenary Voted
81369Complaints Against BishopsPlenary Voted
81368Formula for Number of BishopsPlenary Voted
81367Pastoral DiscernmentPlenary Voted
81366UMW and Local ChurchPlenary Voted
81365Make UMW OptionalPlenary Voted
81364Pastoral DiscernmentPlenary Voted
81363Episcopal Term LimitsPlenary Voted
81362Ministerial Education FundPlenary Voted
81361Ministerial Education FundPlenary Voted
81360AbortionPlenary Voted
81359AbortionPlenary Voted
81358Sex EducationPlenary Voted
81357Sex EducationPlenary Voted
81356TransgenderismPlenary Voted
81355Civil Rights in All UnionsPlenary Voted
81354ProstitutionPlenary Voted
81353DivorcePlenary Voted
81352Opposition to Treatment of PalestiniansPlenary Voted
81351Sexuality and MinistryPlenary Voted
81350Individual Responsibility for Professing FaithPlenary Voted
81349PrefacePlenary Voted
81348Financial RestrictionPlenary Voted
81347Space Free of WeaponsPlenary Voted
81346End the U.S. War and Occupation in IraqPlenary Voted
81345Praying for Peace in IraqPlenary Voted
81344Ministry Response to Sexual ExploitationPlenary Voted
81343Adoption and AbortionPlenary Voted
81342Women's Rights in the Islamic WorldPlenary Voted
81341Deaconesses and Home MissionersPlenary Voted
81340Financial StandardsPlenary Voted
81339Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81338Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81337Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81336Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81335Rights of Religious MinoritiesPlenary Voted
81334EmbryosPlenary Voted
81333AccessibilityPlenary Voted
81332EuthanasiaPlenary Voted
81331Mourn High Abortion RatesPlenary Voted
81330Eugenic PurposesPlenary Voted
81329Choice of Health Care ProfessionalsPlenary Voted
81328Fetal PainPlenary Voted
81327Support Crisis Pregnancy CentersPlenary Voted
81326PopulationPlenary Voted
81325Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81324District of ColumbiaPlenary Voted
81323MarriagePlenary Voted
81322EffectivenessPlenary Voted
81321WelcomingPlenary Voted
81320Probationary Membership and CommissioningPlenary Voted
81319Study of Itinerant MinistryPlenary Voted
81318Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81317Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
81316Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
81315Conflicts of Interest and Recusal
81314EligibilityPlenary Voted
81313CemeteriesPlenary Voted
81312John Wesley in Spanish FloridaPlenary Voted
81311Clergy Couple RetirementPlenary Voted
81310Seminary RequirementsPlenary Voted
81309Promote AwarenessPlenary Voted
81308Society of St. AndrewPlenary Voted
81307DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81306DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81305DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
81304ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81303StewardshipPlenary Voted
81302Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
81301International StaffingPlenary Voted
81300RepresentationPlenary Voted
81299Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
81298Episcopal Housing AllowancePlenary Voted
81297ClarityPlenary Voted
81296Prohibit MembershipPlenary Voted
81295Extended CabinetPlenary Voted
81294Mandatory Director of CommunicationsPlenary Voted
81293Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81292Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81291ArchivesPlenary Voted
81290ArchivesPlenary Voted
81289Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
81288Resolutions as Public WitnessPlenary Voted
81287ResolutionsPlenary Voted
81286Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
81285AppointmentsPlenary Voted
81284CommunicationPlenary Voted
81283Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
81282Home AreasPlenary Voted
81281RetirementPlenary Voted
81280ExceptionPlenary Voted
81279Pastoral OversightPlenary Voted
81278Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
81277All MattersPlenary Voted
81276Voting RightsPlenary Voted
81275Name ChangePlenary Voted
81274Standards for Lay StaffPlenary Voted
81273Lay LeadersPlenary Voted
81272Maximum ServicePlenary Voted
81271Lay Member of AC and SPRCPlenary Voted
81270Pastoral OversightPlenary Voted
81269ObediencePlenary Voted
81268Inclusive MembershipPlenary Voted
81267SocietiesPlenary Voted
81266War and PeacePlenary Voted
81265PrayerPlenary Voted
81264PovertyPlenary Voted
81263Agricultural Support SystemsPlenary Voted
81262PovertyPlenary Voted
81261More Responsible StewardshipPlenary Voted
81260Environmental StewardshipPlenary Voted
81259Episcopal SupervisionPlenary Voted
81258Malaria, AIDS, and Clean WaterPlenary Voted
81257The Church and Ethnic TensionsPlenary Voted
81256The Importance of FamiliesPlenary Voted
81255Accountability for the National Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
81254Refugee PolicyPlenary Voted
81253Theocratic and Radical IslamPlenary Voted
81252Global ChurchPlenary Voted
81251Vulnerable Human LifePlenary Voted
81250Caring for the Environment and RegulationPlenary Voted
81249MissionariesPlenary Voted
81248Affirming SolidarityPlenary Voted
81247Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
81246Sons and Daughters of Our FathersPlenary Voted
81245Sacramental PrivilegesPlenary Voted
81244Voting PrivilegesPlenary Voted
81243Alternate NamePlenary Voted
81242Appointment of Retired Local PastorPlenary Voted
81241Peace and Justice in the Holy LandPlenary Voted
81240War and PeacePlenary Voted
81239QualificationsPlenary Voted
81238FlexibilityPlenary Voted
81237Mandated StructuresPlenary Voted
81236AccountabilityPlenary Voted
81235Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
81234Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
81233Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
81232Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
81231Council MembershipPlenary Voted
81230Commission MembershipPlenary Voted
81229COSROW MembershipPlenary Voted
81228Alternate StructurePlenary Voted
81227CFA MembershipPlenary Voted
81226Remove Song From HymnalPlenary Voted
81225Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
81224DeletionPlenary Voted
81223DeletionPlenary Voted
81222DeletionPlenary Voted
81221LitigationPlenary Voted
81220LitigationPlenary Voted
81219General Agency PetitionsPlenary Voted
81218LitigationPlenary Voted
81217LitigationPlenary Voted
81216Emphasize Christian FaithPlenary Voted
81215CandidacyPlenary Voted
81214Retired Health PlanPlenary Voted
81213EligibilityPlenary Voted
81212Campus Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
81211CandidacyPlenary Voted
81210PunctuationPlenary Voted
81209UM MenPlenary Voted
81208ClarificationPlenary Voted
81207Covenant AgreementsPlenary Voted
81206Prevent Weaponization of SpacePlenary Voted
81205Prevention of Space WeaponizationPlenary Voted
81204Prevention of Space WeaponizationPlenary Voted
81203Guaranteed Appointment ChangePlenary Voted
81202Fellowship of LP and AMPlenary Voted
81201MentorsPlenary Voted
81200The Love ResolutionPlenary Voted
81199Study Group on Tithing to General ChurchPlenary Voted
81198ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81197Health Care System for USAPlenary Voted
81196Way Forward for Israel and PalestiniansPlenary Voted
81195Age-Based ExceptionsPlenary Voted
81194Pacific Islands UMC Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
81193Publication of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
81192ElectionPlenary Voted
81191Special InvestigationPlenary Voted
81190Reporting ResolutionPlenary Voted
81189Name ChangePlenary Voted
81188Name ChangePlenary Voted
81187Study CommitteePlenary Voted
81186Integrity of MembershipPlenary Voted
81185RestrictionPlenary Voted
81184Specific Responsibilities of BishopsPlenary Voted
81183Addition to ProvisionPlenary Voted
81182Condemn All RacismPlenary Voted
81181AbortionPlenary Voted
81180General Secretary SupportPlenary Voted
81179DeletionPlenary Voted
81178National Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
81177Supervisory Response When Complaint is Against a District SuperintendentPlenary Voted
81176TransitionPlenary Voted
81175An Apology for Support of EugenicsPlenary Voted
81174Homosexuality and Authentic TolerancePlenary Voted
81173On SoulforcePlenary Voted
81172Gender-Selective AbortionPlenary Voted
81171On the Church Within a Church MovementPlenary Voted
81170Extend DS TermPlenary Voted
81169Committees on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
81168Women's College Fund ResolutionPlenary Voted
81167Women's College FundPlenary Voted
81166Prohibit Support of CohabitationPlenary Voted
81165Two State SolutionPlenary Voted
81164Appointed Beyond Home ConferencePlenary Voted
81163Immigration LawsPlenary Voted
81162ImmigrationPlenary Voted
81161MarriagePlenary Voted
81160Support of Theological Education in AfricaPlenary Voted
81159African American Methodist Heritage Center - Budget RequestPlenary Voted
81158African American Methodist Heritage Center ResolutionPlenary Voted
81157InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81156Seeking Wise StewardshipPlenary Voted
81155DeletionPlenary Voted
81154Accountability for GBCSPlenary Voted
81153Late-Term AbortionsPlenary Voted
81152War and PeacePlenary Voted
81151Caregivers of ChildrenPlenary Voted
81150In Support of "A Call to Repentance and Peace with Justice"Plenary Voted
81149Texas Death PenaltyPlenary Voted
81148Include CarterPlenary Voted
81147Rights of ImmigrantsPlenary Voted
81146Unanimity in Certain AreasPlenary Voted
81145Unacceptable ActionsPlenary Voted
81144Congregations' RightsPlenary Voted
81143Central Conference MembershipPlenary Voted
81142Guidelines for a New HymnalPlenary Voted
81141Year 44 Task ForcePlenary Voted
81140MissionsPlenary Voted
81139Biblical LanguagePlenary Voted
81138Religious LibertyPlenary Voted
81137DeletionPlenary Voted
81136DeletionPlenary Voted
81135Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81134ArbitrationPlenary Voted
81133United MethodistPlenary Voted
81132FundingPlenary Voted
81131General AgenciesPlenary Voted
81130Speaking for the ChurchPlenary Voted
81129Legislative Committee AssignmentsPlenary Voted
81128Composite PetitionsPlenary Voted
81127Special SundaysPlenary Voted
81126DeletionPlenary Voted
81125Death PenaltyPlenary Voted
81124AbortionPlenary Voted
81123Defining TermsPlenary Voted
81122InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81121ScripturePlenary Voted
81120Enabling "Affinity Conferences"Plenary Voted
81119UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
81118UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
81117Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
81116FinancePlenary Voted
81115Church CouncilPlenary Voted
81114PPR MembershipPlenary Voted
81113Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
81112ElectionsPlenary Voted
81111Guantanamo BayPlenary Voted
81110Direct HirePlenary Voted
81109StewardshipPlenary Voted
81108Rescind CRSPPlenary Voted
81107Judicial ConductPlenary Voted
81105Institute on Religion and DemocracyPlenary Voted
81104InclusivityPlenary Voted
81103Called to InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81102Change in Apostles' CreedPlenary Voted
81101Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
81100Withhold Funding of World Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
81099Reassess HIV/AIDS PolicyPlenary Voted
81098Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
81097AbortionPlenary Voted
81096Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
81095Celibacy and FaithfulnessPlenary Voted
81094Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81093Removal of CredentialsPlenary Voted
81092Pastoral ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81091DiscontinuancePlenary Voted
81090Tenure for BishopsPlenary Voted
81089Trust ClausePlenary Voted
81088Require Jurisdictional AuditPlenary Voted
81087Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
81086Local Church PropertyPlenary Voted
81085Global Warming Task ForcePlenary Voted
81084Change Retirement AgePlenary Voted
81083Budget LimitPlenary Voted
81082Local Pastor AppealsPlenary Voted
81081Certified Candidate AppealsPlenary Voted
81080Responsible ParenthoodPlenary Voted
81079Support Parental NotificationPlenary Voted
81078AccountabilityPlenary Voted
81077Equity in Access to High School EducationPlenary Voted
81076Drug ConcernsPlenary Voted
81075Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81074Clergy Families in CrisisPlenary Voted
81073Resolution on a Loving CrossPlenary Voted
81072General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81071General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81070General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81069General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81068General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81067General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81066General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81065General Agency SupportPlenary Voted
81064Reconsider Level of Support of National Council of ChurchesPlenary Voted
81063AbortionPlenary Voted
81062Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81061Stewardship of HealthPlenary Voted
81060Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81059Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81058Health RequirementsPlenary Voted
81057Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
81056Smithfield Foods, Inc.Plenary Voted
81055Laity Term LimitPlenary Voted
81054Ministerial CandidatesPlenary Voted
81053Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81052Purpose of Professing MembershipPlenary Voted
81051Hymnal RevisionPlenary Voted
81050IncompatibilityPlenary Voted
81049PPR in the Small Membership ChurchPlenary Voted
81048Leadership CouncilPlenary Voted
81047StaffPlenary Voted
81046Nominations from the FloorPlenary Voted
81045ForumPlenary Voted
81044Time Between BallotsPlenary Voted
81043Discontinue Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
81042Complaint ReferralPlenary Voted
81041Involuntary RetirementPlenary Voted
81040Involuntary Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
81039District UnionPlenary Voted
81038Update to ConformPlenary Voted
81037Definition of ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81036Pastoral ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
81035Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81034Gender DefinitionPlenary Voted
81033Definition of GenderPlenary Voted
81032The Church, Transgenderism, and TranssexualityPlenary Voted
81031Human SexualityPlenary Voted
81030Sexual RelationshipsPlenary Voted
81029Christian MarriagePlenary Voted
81028Civility in ElectionsPlenary Voted
81027Support for IsraelPlenary Voted
81026Non-UM Schools of TheologyPlenary Voted
81025Ministering to Mormons Who Seek to Become UMPlenary Voted
81024Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2007Plenary Voted
81023Covenant of MembershipPlenary Voted
81022BenefitsPlenary Voted
81021Church Membership EligibilityPlenary Voted
81020Ministerial Education Fund DistributionPlenary Voted
81019Opening Doors to LatinosPlenary Voted
81018End Exploitation by United Nations PersonnelPlenary Voted
81017LimitationsPlenary Voted
81016Criminal and Restorative JusticePlenary Voted
81015Foreign EmployeesPlenary Voted
81014PovertyPlenary Voted
81013ConsumptionPlenary Voted
81012Collective BargainingPlenary Voted
81011Right to Health CarePlenary Voted
81010Media Violence and Christian ValuesPlenary Voted
81009Urban-Suburban LifePlenary Voted
81008Rights of MenPlenary Voted
81007Mental HealthPlenary Voted
81006ImmigrationPlenary Voted
81005NarcoticsPlenary Voted
81004Equal RightsPlenary Voted
81003Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesPlenary Voted
81002Rights of the AgingPlenary Voted
81001Rights of ChildrenPlenary Voted
81000Sexual AbusePlenary Voted
80999Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80998Single PersonsPlenary Voted
80997DeletionPlenary Voted
80996Climate ChangesPlenary Voted
80995Term LimitPlenary Voted
80994Annual Conference LocationsPlenary Voted
80993Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
80992Supervisory RecordsPlenary Voted
80991Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80990God's Creation and the ChurchPlenary Voted
80989Domestic Partner BenefitsPlenary Voted
80988Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80987Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80986On The Institute on Religion and DemocracyPlenary Voted
80985Budget ProcessPlenary Voted
80984Include Connectional TablePlenary Voted
80983TenurePlenary Voted
80982Review Book of ResolutionsPlenary Voted
80981War and PeacePlenary Voted
80980Military ServicePlenary Voted
80979RepresentationPlenary Voted
80978European ConferencesPlenary Voted
80977IncarnationPlenary Voted
80976DefinitionPlenary Voted
80975Voting Prior to OrdinationPlenary Voted
80974Investment ManagementPlenary Voted
80973Medical ReviewPlenary Voted
80972Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
80971Support of TaiwanPlenary Voted
80970Global Living WagePlenary Voted
80969Health Care for AllPlenary Voted
80968Opposition to TorturePlenary Voted
80967Committed UnionsPlenary Voted
80966Committed UnionsPlenary Voted
80965DeletionPlenary Voted
80964DeletionPlenary Voted
80963Mandatory TrainingPlenary Voted
80962Nondiscrimination Against LaityPlenary Voted
80961Open MembershipPlenary Voted
80960Civil RightsPlenary Voted
80959Amend Definition of FamilyPlenary Voted
80958Ecumenical Dialogues on the Native CommunityPlenary Voted
80957Native American HistoryPlenary Voted
80956The Protection of Native American Sacred SitesPlenary Voted
80955Return to the EarthPlenary Voted
80954Theological DialoguePlenary Voted
80953Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
80952Trial PoolPlenary Voted
80951Selection of SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80950Budget Line ItemsPlenary Voted
80949Trial PoolPlenary Voted
80948Trial PoolPlenary Voted
80947RetireesPlenary Voted
80946Supervisory FilesPlenary Voted
80945Supervisory FilesPlenary Voted
80944Moot and HypotheticalPlenary Voted
80943Business of the ConferencePlenary Voted
80942Declaratory DecisionsPlenary Voted
80941SupervisionPlenary Voted
80940HomosexualityPlenary Voted
80939Establish Case Review PanelPlenary Voted
80938Annual Conference Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
80937Call for Consistent TheologyPlenary Voted
80936Standards for MinistryPlenary Voted
80935AccountabilityPlenary Voted
80934DeletionPlenary Voted
80933Accountability of BishopsPlenary Voted
80932NominationsPlenary Voted
80931Personnel FilesPlenary Voted
80930DeletionPlenary Voted
80929Primary TaskPlenary Voted
80928Remedial OptionsPlenary Voted
80927DeletionPlenary Voted
80926ComplainantsPlenary Voted
80925Double JeopardyPlenary Voted
80924ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80923AdvocatePlenary Voted
80922SpecificationsPlenary Voted
80921WitnessPlenary Voted
80920ClarificationPlenary Voted
80919Appeals by ARCPlenary Voted
80918Limit ReferralPlenary Voted
80917Time and LocationPlenary Voted
80916Handling DisagreementsPlenary Voted
80915Face AccuserPlenary Voted
80914Self-IncriminationPlenary Voted
80913Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
80912ARC ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80911PurposePlenary Voted
80910Committee on AppealsPlenary Voted
80909Complaint ProceduresPlenary Voted
80908Ease WorkloadPlenary Voted
80907Criteria for BishopPlenary Voted
80906PurposePlenary Voted
80905ChastityPlenary Voted
80904Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
80903Same Gender UnionsPlenary Voted
80902IntimidationPlenary Voted
80901Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80900Distribution PercentagesPlenary Voted
80899Justice and LawPlenary Voted
80898Campus Ministry PropertyPlenary Voted
80897UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
80896UM FoundationsPlenary Voted
80895Oversight by Division on Higher EducationPlenary Voted
80894Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
80893Promote UM MinistriesPlenary Voted
80892TransitionPlenary Voted
80891TransitionPlenary Voted
80890TransitionPlenary Voted
80889TransitionPlenary Voted
80888Election of College StudentsPlenary Voted
80887Contact InformationPlenary Voted
80886Endowment FundPlenary Voted
80885DiscontinuationPlenary Voted
80884New Campus MinistriesPlenary Voted
80883ConstructionPlenary Voted
80882OversightPlenary Voted
80881Personnel NeedsPlenary Voted
80880Board ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80879Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80878Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80877Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80876Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80875Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80874Eliminate OptionPlenary Voted
80873Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
80872District Superintendent ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
80871Unauthorized ServicesPlenary Voted
80870Young Adult Ministries ReportPlenary Voted
80869Charge Conference ReportPlenary Voted
80868Promote Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
80867In Support of TaiwanPlenary Voted
80866DeletionPlenary Voted
80865Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
80864Role of UMMPlenary Voted
80863Role of COSROWPlenary Voted
80862Online Course of StudyPlenary Voted
80861Policy from GBHEMPlenary Voted
80860Role of GBODPlenary Voted
80859Policy for BOMPlenary Voted
80858Board of Lay MinistryPlenary Voted
80857Clergy Session PolicyPlenary Voted
80856Written ReportPlenary Voted
80855Policy for CongregationsPlenary Voted
80854ImplementationPlenary Voted
80853Universal RightsPlenary Voted
80852Sexual Abuse/HarrassmentPlenary Voted
80851Social PrinciplesPlenary Voted
80850Social PrinciplesPlenary Voted
80849Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
80848Conflicts of InterestPlenary Voted
80847Election of Judicial Council MembersPlenary Voted
80846Open Church MembershipPlenary Voted
80845Opposition to Homophobia and HeterosexismPlenary Voted
80844Guidance of Our BishopsPlenary Voted
80843Stem Cell ResearchPlenary Voted
80842Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80841Equal RightsPlenary Voted
80840Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
80839Evolution and Intelligent DesignPlenary Voted
80838MarriagePlenary Voted
80837New Social CreedPlenary Voted
80836Divestment and SudanPlenary Voted
80835Divestment and SudanPlenary Voted
80832Socially Responsible Investment Task ForcePlenary Voted
80831Worldwide Nature UMC #24Plenary Voted
80830Worldwide Nature UMC #23Plenary Voted
80829Worldwide Nature UMC #22Plenary Voted
80828Worldwide Nature UMC #21Plenary Voted
80827Worldwide Nature UMC #20Plenary Voted
80826Worldwide Nature UMC #19Plenary Voted
80825Worldwide Nature UMC #18Plenary Voted
80824Worldwide Nature UMC #17Plenary Voted
80823Worldwide Nature UMC #16Plenary Voted
80822Worldwide Nature UMC #15Plenary Voted
80821Worldwide Nature UMC #14Plenary Voted
80820Worldwide Nature UMC #13Plenary Voted
80819Worldwide Nature UMC #12Plenary Voted
80818Worldwide Nature UMC #11Plenary Voted
80817Worldwide Nature UMC #10Plenary Voted
80816Worldwide Nature UMC #9Plenary Voted
80815Worldwide Nature UMC #8Plenary Voted
80814Worldwide Nature UMC #7Plenary Voted
80813Worldwide Nature UMC #6Plenary Voted
80812Worldwide Nature UMC #5Plenary Voted
80811Worldwide Nature UMC #4Plenary Voted
80810Worldwide Nature UMC #3Plenary Voted
80809Worldwide Nature UMC #2Plenary Voted
80808Worldwide Nature UMC #1Plenary Voted
80807Military ServicePlenary Voted
80806The Church CouncilPlenary Voted
80805Energy PolicyPlenary Voted
80804Sacraments for AllPlenary Voted
80803Holding Bishops AccountablePlenary Voted
80802The War in Iraq and the War on TerrorismPlenary Voted
80801Spiritual Unity in Human DiversityPlenary Voted
80800Definition of DeathPlenary Voted
80799Implementing ResolutionPlenary Voted
80798Establish US Department of Peace and NonviolencePlenary Voted
80797Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80796Online Access to The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
80795Reorganization of The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
80794Respect for Differences of OpinionPlenary Voted
80793Deacons and Sacramental AuthorityPlenary Voted
80792Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80791Clergy Member Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80790Ecumenical Shared MinistriesPlenary Voted
80789Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80788Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80787Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80786Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80785Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80784Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80783Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80782Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80781Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80780Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80779Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80778Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80777Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80776Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80775Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80774Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80773Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80771Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80770Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80769Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80768Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80767Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80766Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80765Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80764Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80763Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80762Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80761Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80760Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80759Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80757Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80756Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80754Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80753Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80752Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80751Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80750Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80749Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80748Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80747Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80746Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80745Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80744Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80743Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80742Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80741Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80740Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80739Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80738Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80737Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80736Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80735Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80734Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80733Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80732Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80731Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80730Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80729Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80728Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80727Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80726Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80725Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80724Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80723Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80722Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80721Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80720Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80719Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80718Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80717Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80716Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80715Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80714Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80713Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80712Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80711Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80710Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80709Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80706Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80705Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80700Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80697Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80696Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80695Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80694Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80693Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80691Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80690Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80689Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80688Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80687Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80686Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80685Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80684Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80683Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80682DeletionPlenary Voted
80681DeletionPlenary Voted
80680DeletionPlenary Voted
80679DeletionPlenary Voted
80678DeletionPlenary Voted
80677DeletionPlenary Voted
80676DeletionPlenary Voted
80675DeletionPlenary Voted
80674DeletionPlenary Voted
80672DeletionPlenary Voted
80670DeletionPlenary Voted
80669DeletionPlenary Voted
80668DeletionPlenary Voted
80667DeletionPlenary Voted
80666DeletionPlenary Voted
80665DeletionPlenary Voted
80664DeletionPlenary Voted
80663DeletionPlenary Voted
80661Global Episcopal Pension ProgramPlenary Voted
80660Global Episcopal Pension ProgramPlenary Voted
80659Denominational Health - Church Systems Task ForcePlenary Voted
80658Denominational Health - Annual Conference ReportingPlenary Voted
80657Denominational Health - General Board of Pension and Health Benefits SupportPlenary Voted
80656Denominational Health - Episcopal Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
80655Denominational Health - General Agency Group Health Care Plans and Retiree AccessPlenary Voted
80654Denominational Health - Annual Conference Retiree Health CarePlenary Voted
80653Denominational Health - Annual Conference Health Care PlansPlenary Voted
80652Retirement Plan for General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80651Retirement Security Program for General Agencies/Technical CorrectionsPlenary Voted
80650Clergy Retirement Security Program/Technical CorrectionsPlenary Voted
80649Retirement Security Program for General Agencies Changes Effective June 1, 2008Plenary Voted
80648Comprehensive Protection Plan AmendmentsPlenary Voted
80647Democratic Republic of Congo - A New BeginningPlenary Voted
80646Mental Illness MinistryPlenary Voted
80645GamblingPlenary Voted
80644Basic Freedoms and Human RightsPlenary Voted
80643Specialized MinistriesPlenary Voted
80642Right to Health CarePlenary Voted
80641EducationPlenary Voted
80640War and PeacePlenary Voted
80639Global Climate StewardshipPlenary Voted
80638DeletionPlenary Voted
80637Welcoming the Migrant to the USPlenary Voted
80636DeletionPlenary Voted
80635DeletionPlenary Voted
80634DeletionPlenary Voted
80633DeletionPlenary Voted
80632DeletionPlenary Voted
80631DeletionPlenary Voted
80630US Training on Global Human RightsPlenary Voted
80629DeletionPlenary Voted
80628PhilippinesPlenary Voted
80627Grieving and Repenting from Acts of Hate and ViolencePlenary Voted
80626DeletionPlenary Voted
80625DeletionPlenary Voted
80624DeletionPlenary Voted
80623DeletionPlenary Voted
80622DeletionPlenary Voted
80621DeletionPlenary Voted
80620Military ServicePlenary Voted
80619Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
80618LiberiaPlenary Voted
80617Ban Cluster BombsPlenary Voted
80616Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell ResearchPlenary Voted
80615The UMC and PeacePlenary Voted
80614Peace in IraqPlenary Voted
80613Support for Landmine TreatyPlenary Voted
80612Nuclear-Free PacificPlenary Voted
80611Drinking on CampusPlenary Voted
80610International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted ChurchPlenary Voted
80609US' Role in ColumbiaPlenary Voted
80608Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80607Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80606Responsible TravelPlenary Voted
80605Church Supports Global Efforts to End SlaveryPlenary Voted
80604Voting Representation for People in the District of ColumbiaPlenary Voted
80603Right to PrivacyPlenary Voted
80602Justice for Filipino WWII VeteransPlenary Voted
80601Abolition of Sex TraffickingPlenary Voted
80600Seek Moratorium on Capital PunishmentPlenary Voted
80599In Opposition to Capital PunishmentPlenary Voted
80598DeletionPlenary Voted
80597DeletionPlenary Voted
80596DeletionPlenary Voted
80595Gun ViolencePlenary Voted
80594Grand Jury Abuse in the USPlenary Voted
80593DeletionPlenary Voted
80592Equal Justice in the USPlenary Voted
80591Church-Government RelationsPlenary Voted
80590Rights of WorkersPlenary Voted
80589Rights of Farm Workers in the USPlenary Voted
80588Rights of African-American Farmers in the USPlenary Voted
80587Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80586Guidelines for Social Security Reform in the USPlenary Voted
80585Living Wage ModelPlenary Voted
80584Economic Development for Native American PeoplePlenary Voted
80583Pathways to Economic JusticePlenary Voted
80582Global Debt CrisisPlenary Voted
80581GamblingPlenary Voted
80580DeletionPlenary Voted
80579DeletionPlenary Voted
80578Guidelines for BoycottPlenary Voted
80577Aging in the USPlenary Voted
80576Abuse of Older AdultsPlenary Voted
80575Organ and Tissue DonationPlenary Voted
80574DeletionPlenary Voted
80573Native American Tribal SovereigntyPlenary Voted
80572The Protection of Native American Sacred SitesPlenary Voted
80571Health Care for Native Americans in the USPlenary Voted
80570DeletionPlenary Voted
80569Health and WholenessPlenary Voted
80568Health Care for All in the United StatesPlenary Voted
80567Human CloningPlenary Voted
80566New Developments in Genetic SciencePlenary Voted
80565A Call to Action on AlcoholPlenary Voted
80564Keep Children and Youth Free of Alcohol and Other DrugsPlenary Voted
80563Alcohol and Other DrugsPlenary Voted
80562Diverse Languages in USAPlenary Voted
80561Child SoldiersPlenary Voted
80560PornographyPlenary Voted
80559Church in MinistryPlenary Voted
80558RecyclingPlenary Voted
80557Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80556Environmental LawPlenary Voted
80555Energy Policy StatementPlenary Voted
80554DeletionPlenary Voted
80553Cease Mountaintop Removal Coal MiningPlenary Voted
80552GBPHB Fiduciary ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80551GBPHB MembershipPlenary Voted
80550GBPHB Committee Members at LargePlenary Voted
80549GBPHB Legal EntitiesPlenary Voted
80548GBPHB Authorizations - Old PlansPlenary Voted
80547Pre-82 Survivor PercentagesPlenary Voted
80546Basis of Pension ContributionsPlenary Voted
80545Contributions and ServicePlenary Voted
80544Annual Conference InvestmentsPlenary Voted
80543GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80542Conference Board of Pensions MembershipPlenary Voted
80541GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80540Reporting Conference Relationship ChangesPlenary Voted
80539GBPHB AuthorizationsPlenary Voted
80538Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80537Retiree Health Insurance FundingPlenary Voted
80536Substance Abuse PreventionPlenary Voted
80535Conscientious Objection and Military ServicePlenary Voted
80534Petition SubmissionPlenary Voted
80533War and Peace with Iran, North Korea, and the WorldPlenary Voted
80532Adult EqualityPlenary Voted
80531Stewardship of Annual Conference TimePlenary Voted
80530DeletionPlenary Voted
80529DeletionPlenary Voted
80528DeletionPlenary Voted
80527DeletionPlenary Voted
80526DeletionPlenary Voted
80525DeletionPlenary Voted
80524Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80523Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80522Prayer and Support for Those Caught Up in WarPlenary Voted
80521Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80520Peace in Palestine and IsraelPlenary Voted
80519In Support of the United NationsPlenary Voted
80518GCCUIC Support of the NCCPlenary Voted
80517Taiwan Security, Stability, and Self-DeterminationPlenary Voted
80516Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80515Restore Filipino WWII Veterans BenefitsPlenary Voted
80514Reducing the Size of General ConferencePlenary Voted
80513Petition Submission GuidelinesPlenary Voted
80512DiversityPlenary Voted
80511Commission on the General ConferencePlenary Voted
80510Term Limit AllowancePlenary Voted
80509Standards for Lay Staff of Local ChurchesPlenary Voted
80508Christian Social EngagementPlenary Voted
80507On Humility, Politics, and Christian UnityPlenary Voted
80506Transgenderism Among ClergyPlenary Voted
80505Statement on HamasPlenary Voted
80504Israel and ApartheidPlenary Voted
80503Oppose Divestment from IsraelPlenary Voted
80502Funding Restriction ClarityPlenary Voted
80501ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
80500Outreach for People with Special NeedsPlenary Voted
80499Participation of BishopsPlenary Voted
80498Define Written Question of LawPlenary Voted
80497Political Status of Puerto RicoPlenary Voted
80496Puerto Rican Political PrisonersPlenary Voted
80495U.S. Policy in ViequesPlenary Voted
80494Encounter with Christ Permanent Fund - Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Voted
80493Holistic Strategy on Latin America and the Caribbean as a Special ProgramPlenary Voted
80492In Support of Hispanic/Latino Undocumented StudentsPlenary Voted
80491Call for Comprehensive Immigration ReformPlenary Voted
80490Equal Access to Church MembershipPlenary Voted
80489Privatization of Water ResourcesPlenary Voted
80488Membership of the General Church BodiesPlenary Voted
80487Admission of Cote d'Ivoire Annual ConferencePlenary Voted
80486Course of Study CompletionPlenary Voted
80485Discontinued Local PastorPlenary Voted
80484Lay Person in MinistryPlenary Voted
80483Term Limit for BishopsPlenary Voted
80482Disposal of Holy BiblePlenary Voted
80481Audit RequirementPlenary Voted
80480Media Resource LibrariesPlenary Voted
80479Media Resource LibrarianPlenary Voted
80478Support for Members of the Armed Forces and VeteransPlenary Voted
80477Theological Stance on Veneration of ImagesPlenary Voted
80476Deacon ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80475Special Needs Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
80474Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
80473Reinstate Mental Health Staff PositionPlenary Voted
80472WaiverPlenary Voted
80471Christian EducationPlenary Voted
80470Alcohol and Other DrugsPlenary Voted
80469Guide for Lay MembersPlenary Voted
80468Selection of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80467The Gospel and ChurchPlenary Voted
80466Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80465Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80464Episcopal Area RepresentationPlenary Voted
80463Apportionment Funding of GBCSPlenary Voted
80462Consultation Prior to TerminationPlenary Voted
80461Funding the GBCSPlenary Voted
80460Proposed Budget IncreasePlenary Voted
80459Term Limits for District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80458Access to Supervisory FilePlenary Voted
80457Tax LeviesPlenary Voted
80456Previous General Conference ActionPlenary Voted
80455Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80454HomosexualityPlenary Voted
80453Scriptural AuthorityPlenary Voted
80452Closed SessionPlenary Voted
80451Pastor's Decision on MembershipPlenary Voted
80450DefinitionPlenary Voted
80449Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80448Universal School Lunch ProgramPlenary Voted
80447Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
80446Committed UnionsPlenary Voted
80445DeletionPlenary Voted
80444Heritage Landmark StatuesPlenary Voted
80443War and Peace Study MaterialPlenary Voted
80442Biblical LanguagePlenary Voted
80441Israel-Palestine ConflictPlenary Voted
80440Free Speech in CubaPlenary Voted
80439US-China Political RelationsPlenary Voted
80438The Church and the Global HIV/AIDS PandemicPlenary Voted
80437Holy Land ToursPlenary Voted
80436Global Efforts to End SlaveryPlenary Voted
80435Justice with Young PersonsPlenary Voted
80434The Right to Organize and Bargain CollectivelyPlenary Voted
80433Concern for Workers TaskforcePlenary Voted
80432Global Debt Crisis: A Call for JubileePlenary Voted
80431Economic Justice for a New MillenniumPlenary Voted
80430Fair Trade Coffee and Other ProductsPlenary Voted
80429Violent Video GamesPlenary Voted
80428Affirmation of Rural ChaplainsPlenary Voted
80427Responsibility for Eradication of RacismPlenary Voted
80426Principles of Welfare ReformPlenary Voted
80425Housing in the U.S.A.Plenary Voted
80424Homelessness in the United StatesPlenary Voted
80423Drinking on CampusPlenary Voted
80422Children's SabbathPlenary Voted
80421Eradicating Abusive Child LaborPlenary Voted
80420Cooperative MinistryPlenary Voted
80419National Cooperative Ministry LeadershipPlenary Voted
80418Annual Conference Plans for Hispanic/Latino MinistriesPlenary Voted
80417Environmental RacismPlenary Voted
80416Dioxin-Free FuturePlenary Voted
80415Holy BoldnessPlenary Voted
80414Abolition of TorturePlenary Voted
80413The Girl ChildPlenary Voted
80412Sudan: A Call to Compassion and CaringPlenary Voted
80411Resisting HatePlenary Voted
80410Global Migration and the Quest for JusticePlenary Voted
80409Mercury-Containing DrugsPlenary Voted
80408Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and War CrimesPlenary Voted
80407Urban CentersPlenary Voted
80406Mary MagdalenePlenary Voted
80405Committee on Central Conference AffairsPlenary Voted
80404Scholarship Program Name ChangePlenary Voted
80403Conference Committee on Mission PersonnelPlenary Voted
80402The AdvancePlenary Voted
80401DeletionPlenary Voted
80400Investment EthicsPlenary Voted
80399DeletionPlenary Voted
80398Churchwide Financial AppealsPlenary Voted
80397Other Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80396Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80395General Agency MembershipPlenary Voted
80394Covenant RelationshipsPlenary Voted
80393DeletionPlenary Voted
80392Church-Owned BuildingsPlenary Voted
80391NoticePlenary Voted
80390NoticePlenary Voted
80389Property ProcessPlenary Voted
80388NoticePlenary Voted
80387NoticePlenary Voted
80386Trustee VacanciesPlenary Voted
80385Charge Conference AuthorityPlenary Voted
80384Real PropertyPlenary Voted
80383TrusteesPlenary Voted
80382UM Name RegistrationPlenary Voted
80381ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80380The AdvancePlenary Voted
80379StatisticsPlenary Voted
80378Committee on Personnel Policies and PracticesPlenary Voted
80377Committee on Official Forms and RecordsPlenary Voted
80376Membership of the General Council of AdministrationPlenary Voted
80375DeletionPlenary Voted
80374RecordsPlenary Voted
80373Supervisory Follow-UpPlenary Voted
80372ConfidentialityPlenary Voted
80371AbandonmentPlenary Voted
80370FinancingPlenary Voted
80369Title CorrectionPlenary Voted
80368Approval of Building ProposalsPlenary Voted
80367Proceeds From Sale of District ParsonagePlenary Voted
80366Conference TrusteesPlenary Voted
80365Civil ActionPlenary Voted
80364Trust ClausePlenary Voted
80363General DirectivesPlenary Voted
80362World Service SpecialsPlenary Voted
80361Fiscal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80360Restrictions on Closed MeetingsPlenary Voted
80359Conference Board of PensionsPlenary Voted
80358ApportionmentsPlenary Voted
80357Conference Council on Finance and AdministrationPlenary Voted
80356Powers and DutiesPlenary Voted
80355Jurisdictional Committee on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
80354Special SessionsPlenary Voted
80353Criteria-PastorsPlenary Voted
80352Responsibilities of District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80351LeadershipPlenary Voted
80350VacancyPlenary Voted
80349ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
80348QualificationsPlenary Voted
80347ResponsibilityPlenary Voted
80346GivingPlenary Voted
80345Administrative CommitteesPlenary Voted
80344Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80343InclusivenessPlenary Voted
80342Ethics and Coflict of Interest PoliciesPlenary Voted
80341The Black College FundPlenary Voted
80340Support Campus MinistersPlenary Voted
80339Faith Communities on CampusPlenary Voted
80338DCOM and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
80337DCOM and CandidatesPlenary Voted
80336Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80335Incapacity LeavesPlenary Voted
80334Support for Diaconal MinistersPlenary Voted
80333Younger ClergyPlenary Voted
80332Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural AppointmentsPlenary Voted
80331ClergyPlenary Voted
80330ClergyPlenary Voted
80329Clergy Continuing EducationPlenary Voted
80328Associate Members and Local Pastors as MentorsPlenary Voted
80327Assignment of BishopsPlenary Voted
80326DeletionPlenary Voted
80325Incapacity LeavePlenary Voted
80324Leaves of AbsencePlenary Voted
80323Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80322Changes in Conference RelationshipPlenary Voted
80321Transfer RequirementsPlenary Voted
80320Clergy in Other Annual ConferencesPlenary Voted
80319Elders and Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80318Extension Ministries and ABLCPlenary Voted
80317License for Pastoral MinistryPlenary Voted
80316Duties of EldersPlenary Voted
80315Appointment of DeaconsPlenary Voted
80314Requirements for Deacons in Full ConnectionPlenary Voted
80313Service Requirements During Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80312Educational Requirements for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80311Educational Requirements for Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80310Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80309Students Appointed as Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80308Education of Part-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80307Education of Full-Time Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80306Local Pastors and MentorsPlenary Voted
80305Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
80304Probationary Elder LicensePlenary Voted
80303Associate Member LicensePlenary Voted
80302Status of Appointed Certified CandidatesPlenary Voted
80301Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
80300Candidacy for Ministry from Campus Ministry SettingsPlenary Voted
80299Changing Membership in an OrderPlenary Voted
80298Apportionment FormulaPlenary Voted
80297Global RacismPlenary Voted
80296Being the ChurchPlenary Voted
80295Eradication of Sexual HarassmentPlenary Voted
80294Every Barrier DownPlenary Voted
80293Sexual MisconductPlenary Voted
80292GenderPlenary Voted
80291Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80290Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80289Act of Repentance for RacismPlenary Voted
80288Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80287Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80286Final ResolutionPlenary Voted
80285PurposePlenary Voted
80284Dismantle RacismPlenary Voted
80283TrainingPlenary Voted
80282Inclusion of Native American ReservationsPlenary Voted
80281Grieving and Repenting from Acts of Hate and ViolencePlenary Voted
80280GenderPlenary Voted
80279Prevention of the Use of Pornography in the ChurchPlenary Voted
80278Episcopal AppointmentPlenary Voted
80277Role of Bishops and District SuperintendentsPlenary Voted
80276ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80275Ecumenical Relationships and OrganizationsPlenary Voted
80274Agencies and General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80273Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80272Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80271Mission of the UMCPlenary Voted
80270Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st CenturyPlenary Voted
80269Ongoing Ministry StudyPlenary Voted
80268Annual Conference Plans for Hispanic/Latino-Latina MinistriesPlenary Voted
80267DeletionPlenary Voted
80266Pension BenefitsPlenary Voted
80265Older Adult Recognition DayPlenary Voted
80264Committee on Older Adult MinistriesPlenary Voted
80263Ministry of the LaityPlenary Voted
80262Membership VowsPlenary Voted
80261Receiving Members from Other ChurchesPlenary Voted
80260Lay Responsibility for Growth of the ChurchPlenary Voted
80259Young People's Statement on War and PeacePlenary Voted
80258Statement Against Extra-Judicial Killings in the PhilippinesPlenary Voted
80257Local Church Support for Young PeoplePlenary Voted
80256DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
80255Jurisdictional Young Adult MinistryPlenary Voted
80254Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80253Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80252Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80251Guaranteed AppointmentPlenary Voted
80250Hymnal Revision CommitteePlenary Voted
80249Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80248EducationPlenary Voted
80247Sexual AbusePlenary Voted
80246Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80245Young Adult CorrectionPlenary Voted
80244DeletionPlenary Voted
80243Global Young People's ConvocationPlenary Voted
80242MembershipPlenary Voted
80241Project Review CommitteePlenary Voted
80240DMYP MembershipPlenary Voted
80239GBOD Committee MembershipPlenary Voted
80238DMYP Members on Connectional TablePlenary Voted
80237Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80236Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80235Youth EvangelismPlenary Voted
80234CorrectionPlenary Voted
80233Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
80232Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus MinistryPlenary Voted
80231Central Conference Committee on Young Adult MinistriesPlenary Voted
80230Jurisdictional Young Adult MinistryPlenary Voted
80229Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80228Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Voted
80227Student Local PastorPlenary Voted
80226Young Adult CouncilPlenary Voted
80225Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80224Church Council MembershipPlenary Voted
80223Care of MembersPlenary Voted
80222Care of Children and YouthPlenary Voted
80221Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and Certified Lay MinistersPlenary Voted
80220Support ChrysalisPlenary Voted
80219Childcare and the ChurchPlenary Voted
80218Guidelines: The UMC and the Charismatic MovementPlenary Voted
80217Africana Hymnal StudyPlenary Voted
80216Commitment to Unity in Mission and MinistryPlenary Voted
80215Archiving of Conference JournalsPlenary Voted
80214Duties of Commission on ArchivesPlenary Voted
80213Annual Conference RecordsPlenary Voted
80212Central Conference RecordsPlenary Voted
80211Records of Discontinued ChurchesPlenary Voted
80210Cross Reference NotationPlenary Voted
80209Local Church RecordsPlenary Voted
80208Limited Sacramental Privilege for DeaconsPlenary Voted
80207Exploring MemberPlenary Voted
80206Conference Board of Church Location and BuildingPlenary Voted
80205University Senate CompositionPlenary Voted
80204Certified Lay MinisterPlenary Voted
80203Use of Institutional PropertyPlenary Voted
80202Rural ChaplainsPlenary Voted
80201Support of Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80200Affirm Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80199Cooperative Parish MinistryPlenary Voted
80198National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country MinistryPlenary Voted
80197Church and Community WorkersPlenary Voted
80196Stewardship EducationPlenary Voted
80195Readopt ResolutionPlenary Voted
80194Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
80193Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
80192MentorsPlenary Voted
80191Involuntary Leave of AbsencePlenary Voted
80190Extension MinistriesPlenary Voted
80189Removal of Continued AppointmentPlenary Voted
80188Constitutional Amendment Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80187Probationary Membership for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80186Associate EldersPlenary Voted
80185No Annual ReviewPlenary Voted
80184Constitutional Amendment Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80183S/PPRCPlenary Voted
80182Authority of Licensed ClergyPlenary Voted
80181RecommendationPlenary Voted
80180Clergy DelegatesPlenary Voted
80179DeletionPlenary Voted
80178AbortionPlenary Voted
80177Remove National FlagPlenary Voted
80176Local Church Potential AssessmentPlenary Voted
80175Cooperative Parish Ministry FormsPlenary Voted
80174Function of Local ChurchPlenary Voted
80173Definition of Local ChurchPlenary Voted
80172All Clergy Members VotePlenary Voted
80171GBHEM Members on Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
80170Certified Lay Minister and SacramentsPlenary Voted
80169Removal of Financial PenaltyPlenary Voted
80168Early RetirementPlenary Voted
80167Non-UM SeminariesPlenary Voted
80166Member ReplacementPlenary Voted
80165Sacramental Privilege of DeaconPlenary Voted
80164Membership and RepresentationPlenary Voted
80163Annual Conference MembershipPlenary Voted
80162Recodification of The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
80161Called to be Neighbors and WitnessesPlenary Voted
80160Committee on Faith and OrderPlenary Voted
80159Spanish as a General Conference LanguagePlenary Voted
80158Sand Creek Massacre National Historic SitePlenary Voted
80157OrdinationPlenary Voted
80156Retain ResolutionPlenary Voted
80155Middle East ConflictPlenary Voted
80154Strengthening BridgesPlenary Voted
80153Healing RelationshipsPlenary Voted
80152Being the ChurchPlenary Voted
80151Act of Repentance for RacismPlenary Voted
80150Church in MinistryPlenary Voted
80149Credential RevocationPlenary Voted
80148Judicial Council QuorumPlenary Voted
80147Pan-Methodist CommissionPlenary Voted
80146Holocaust Memorial DayPlenary Voted
80145DeletionPlenary Voted
80144Define Older AdultPlenary Voted
80143Organizational MeetingsPlenary Voted
80142ELCA/UMC Full CommunionPlenary Voted
80141Deputy General SecretaryPlenary Voted
80140Book of Resolutions ProcessPlenary Voted
80139Home MissionersPlenary Voted
80138CredentialingPlenary Voted
80137Transitional PeriodPlenary Voted
80136Clarification of RitualPlenary Voted
80132DivestmentPlenary Voted
80131Africa UniversityPlenary Voted
80130DeletionPlenary Voted
80129Right to WorshipPlenary Voted
80128Meeting TimesPlenary Voted
80127Connectional ReportingPlenary Voted
80126GCUMM MembershipPlenary Voted
80125Meaning of MembershipPlenary Voted
80124Annual AuditPlenary Voted
80123Global Health InitiativePlenary Voted
80122Treaty ObligationsPlenary Voted
80121Payment ObligationsPlenary Voted
80120DiscriminationPlenary Voted
80119Appointment-MakingPlenary Voted
80118Pastor-Parish Relations MeetingsPlenary Voted
80117Ministry of LaityPlenary Voted
80116Call for Special SessionsPlenary Voted
80115General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80114UMC Membership EligibilityPlenary Voted
80113Use of Term "Native"Plenary Voted
80112Lay MembershipPlenary Voted
80111Cypress MulchPlenary Voted
80110Recognition of BonhoefferPlenary Voted
80109Advance Clergy BallotPlenary Voted
80108Optional Addition to Membership VowsPlenary Voted
80107Tenure of Pastor Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80106Readiness for MembershipPlenary Voted
80105Eligibility for MembershipPlenary Voted
80104Definition of MembershipPlenary Voted
80103Responsibilities of Elder and Local PastorPlenary Voted
80102Online Access to The Book of DisciplinePlenary Voted
80101ImmigrationPlenary Voted
80100Eligibility for MembershipPlenary Voted
80099Time of Testimony at General ConferencePlenary Voted
80098Committee on Pastor/Staff-Parish RelationsPlenary Voted
80097Committee on Lay LeadershipPlenary Voted
80096Written Financial PoliciesPlenary Voted
80095Expansion of UM ThemePlenary Voted
80094Delegate Term LimitsPlenary Voted
80093Inclusive Language for AgePlenary Voted
80092Annual Conference Role in University Senate ReviewPlenary Voted
80091Pastor-in-chargePlenary Voted
80090Communities of ShalomPlenary Voted
80089SMU Bush Presidential Library RejectionPlenary Voted
80088Church MembershipPlenary Voted
80087District Young Adult RepresentationPlenary Voted
80086Bishops' Discretion in Supervisory ProcessPlenary Voted
80085Delayed Retirement of BishopsPlenary Voted
80084Missionary Conference as DistrictPlenary Voted
80083Enabling Legislation for Proposed Amendment to Paragraph 23Plenary Voted
80082Minimum Number of Jurisdictional Conference DelegatesPlenary Voted
80081Funding for GCFAPlenary Voted
80080Executive SessionsPlenary Voted
80079Review and Evaluation of Bishops in JurisdictionsPlenary Voted
80078Clergy EvaluationPlenary Voted
80077Longer Tenure CriteriaPlenary Voted
80076Leaves of Absence for DeaconsPlenary Voted
80075UM Course of Study StandardsPlenary Voted
80074Affiliated InstitutionsPlenary Voted
80073Ministerial Education Fund DisbursementPlenary Voted
80072Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80071Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80070Voting Rights for Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80069Science and TheologyPlenary Voted
80068General Agency Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80067District Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80066Annual Conference Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80065Central Conference Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80064Jurisdictional Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80063Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
80062Witness Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Voted
80061Commitment in Mission and MinistryPlenary Voted
80060Special SundaysPlenary Voted
80059Prohibit Clergy ParticipationPlenary Voted
80058Committee Name ChangePlenary Voted
80057Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80056Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80055HomosexualityPlenary Voted
80054Stem Cell ResearchPlenary Voted
80053Guantanamo BayPlenary Voted
80052Bermuda in Northeastern JurisdictionPlenary Voted
80051Dissolution of General Board of Church and SocietyPlenary Voted
80050Science and TechnologyPlenary Voted
80049Local Pastors as DelegatesPlenary Voted
80048Local Pastors Right to Vote and Serve as DelegatesPlenary Voted
80047Local Pastor Voting RightsPlenary Voted
80046A Balanced Program for The General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
80045Equitable Membership for the General Board of Global MinistriesPlenary Voted
80044Sanctuary ChurchesPlenary Voted
80043Close Board of Church and Society OfficePlenary Voted
80042Support for IsraelPlenary Voted
80041Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
80040Fair Process to Include LaityPlenary Voted
80039Accountability on HomosexualityPlenary Voted
80038Iraq WarPlenary Voted
80037Support and Services for US Military and Rebuilding IraqPlenary Voted
80036Staff-Parish TenurePlenary Voted
80035Unauthorized ConductPlenary Voted
80034MarriagePlenary Voted
80033Withdrawal from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive ChoicePlenary Voted
80032Church Support of Caregivers of ChildrenPlenary Voted
80031Greenhouse EmissionsPlenary Voted
80030Global WarmingPlenary Voted
80029Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80028Human SexualityPlenary Voted
80027Transparency of Church TrialsPlenary Voted
80026Establish Ministry with Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened PeoplePlenary Voted
80025Prohibit DiscriminationPlenary Voted
80024Jurisdictional Administrative Review CommitteePlenary Voted
80023National Plan for Hispanic/Latino MinistryPlenary Voted
80022Broader Statement of Equal RightsPlenary Voted
80021Constitutional ChangePlenary Voted
80020Remove ProhibitionPlenary Voted
80019Remove Exclusionary LanguagePlenary Voted
80018Remove Some Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
80017Responsibilities of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80016Associate MembershipPlenary Voted
80015MentorsPlenary Voted
80014Voting Rights of Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80013Voting Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80012Eligibility and Rights of Associate MembersPlenary Voted
80011Membership of the District Committee on Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80010Local Pastors or Associate Members ServicePlenary Voted
80009Voice and Vote for Associate Members and Local Pastors on Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80008Associate Member to General ConferencePlenary Voted
80007Election of Ordained Ministerial DelegatesPlenary Voted
80006Create a Class of Clergy Called Commissioned Local PastorPlenary Voted
80005Membership of Board of Ordained MinistryPlenary Voted
80004Clarify the Status of Retired Local PastorsPlenary Voted
80003Prohibit DiscriminationPlenary Voted
80002Recognition of Katanga Methodist UniversityPlenary Voted
80001Addition of Episcopal Areas in Congo Central ConferencePlenary Voted