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Church Membership (80088-LC-¶214)
Petition Status:Calendar Item
Petition Text:Submitted TextADCA p. 1329
References:Book of Discipline: ¶214
Committee:Local Church
Financial Implications:No
Submitted by:
Oklahoma Annual Conference (Annual Conference)
Joseph L. Harris
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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Church Membership (LC62-¶214-A)
Calendar Item Status:Committee Voted (Printed in DCA p. 2269, 2365)
Calendar Item No:1207
Petitions on Calendar:80088
Consent Calendar:Not assigned to a Consent Calendar.
Committee Motion:Recommendation to Adopt
Committee Vote:
For: 58Against: 13Not Voting: 6
Vote Date and Time:4/26/2008 6:15 PM
Legislative Committee Report: The Petition is amended as follows:
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Legislative Committee Minority Report: The Petition is amended as follows:

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Last Vote Action:Vote on Main Motion
This motion was Rejected, with 436 votes for and 448 votes against.
Plenary Motions:
4/30/2008 8:22 PM
Amend the Minority Report REJECTED 274-666
Pg 2371, 3rd Column  
add after the word "pastors" line 3 from bottom
",in consulatation with District Superintendent and Bishop,"
4/30/2008 8:25 PM
Amend the Minority Report ADOPTED 590-291
Page 2371
3rd line from bottom of report
Replace "historic" with "united"
4/30/2008 8:37 PM
Amend the Minority Report REJECTED 304-572
Replace last sentence with:
"In continuity with our Wesleyan tradition of grace we invite all persons to unite in membership in our church after faithfully exploring the meaning of membership with both the pastor and congregation so that they might grow in discipleship on their journey toward perfection."
4/30/2008 8:45 PM
Amend the Minority Report REJECTED 130-757
Delete the last sentence and replace with the following:
"The local church, working through its pastor and its agencies have the responsibility of discerning one's readiness to take the vows of membership."
4/30/2008 9:05 PM
Amend the Main Motion by Substitution REJECTED 384-515
Vote on Minority Report
4/30/2008 9:20 PM
Vote on Main Motion REJECTED 436-448