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Role of Bishops and District Superintendents (80277-SU-¶404)
Petition Status:Calendar Item
Petition Text:Submitted TextADCA p. 1539
References:Book of Discipline: ¶404
Financial Implications:No
Submitted by:
Council of Bishops (General Agency)
Ernest S. Lyght
Washington, DC, USA
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (General Agency)
Jerome King Del Pino
Nashville, TN, USA
Task Force to Study the Episcopacy
Carolyn Briscoe
Washington, DC, USA

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Role of Bishops and District Superintendents (SU46-¶404-A)
Calendar Item Status:Committee Voted (Printed in DCA p. 2144)
Calendar Item No:336
Petitions on Calendar:80277
Consent Calendar:Calendar A03
Committee Motion:Recommendation to Adopt
Committee Vote:
For: 44Against: 0Not Voting: 4
Vote Date and Time:4/27/2008 2:05 PM
Legislative Committee Report: The Petition stands as submitted.

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Last Vote Action:Vote on Main Motion
This motion was Adopted, with 834 votes for and 33 votes against.
Plenary Motions:
4/29/2008 9:52 AM
Vote on Main Motion ADOPTED 834-33