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New Episcopal Area in Mozambique (81431-CC-NonDis-!)
Petition Status:Calendar Item
Petition Text:Submitted TextADCA p. 1166
Committee:Commission on Central Conference Affairs
Financial Implications:No
Submitted by:
Africa Central Conference (Central Conference)
Benedita Penicela
Maputo, Mozambique

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New Episcopal Area in Mozambique (CC16-NonDis-R!)
Calendar Item Status:Committee Voted (Printed in DCA p. 1986)
Calendar Item No:35
Petitions on Calendar:81431
Consent Calendar:Calendar D01
Committee Motion:Motion to Refer
Refer to: Comm. on Central Conf. Affairs in consultation with GBGM, GCFA and COB and report to 2012 GC
Committee Vote:
For: 26Against: 0Not Voting: 1
Vote Date and Time:4/22/2008 6:19 PM
Legislative Committee Report: Committee Moves to Refer to Committee on Central Conference Affairs in consultation with General Board of Global Ministries, General Council on Finance and Administration and Council of Bishops for study and policy development relating to episcopal leadership in the central conferences, and report to 2012 General Conference.
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Last Vote Action:Consent Calendar D01 Adopted; petition Referred.
Vote: 759 For; 23 Against
4/27/2008 9:26 AM
Plenary Motions:
4/27/2008 9:26 AM
Vote on Main Motion ADOPTED 759-23